View Full Version : Croft Edition has 'Achievements not supported' Error on Xbox One X

12th Sep 2018, 00:44
Yeah, so i got my pre-ordered Croft Edition for Xbox One X 48h earlier like promised but can't play it.

I installed it and it also downloaded the 7gb Day one patch and all the extra weapons and costumes ... but there are no Achievements and i get an 'Achievements not supported' error. :scratch:

So 48h early access probably means, you get the game 48h earlier, but not that you can play it 48h earlier... :rolleyes:

Ohh well, first those still not fixed "golden child" and "way to go" Rise of the Tombraider achievements bugs on Xbox One X and now Shadow of the Tombraider apparently doesn't support Achievements on Xbox One X... :mad2:

Not exactly a good start, isn't it?

12th Sep 2018, 07:12
It's now 9h ago that i got and installed it and 8h ago since i posted here ... and there was no answers yet and the Xbox One X still shows an "Achievements not supported" error... :rolleyes:

Squenix, get your stuff together!

12th Sep 2018, 08:51
Alright, has been fixed now, after total 11 hours. I now finally can start playing, thanks!