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11th Sep 2018, 19:32
When the servers back to work?

17th Sep 2018, 19:06
:wave: Hello! Is there anybody out there?

Why there is no reply by Eidos or Square Enix to this thread? The servers are down. I want to play on my PS4 the BREACH!

Deus EX: MD is only two years old. The BREACH-Server need to be up. Please fix it!

1st Oct 2018, 08:53

1st Oct 2018, 09:15

6th Oct 2018, 23:16
I am experiencing the same problem. Attempting to

6th Oct 2018, 23:19
Im experiencing the same problem. Attempting to Enter the Breach results in an immediate Connection Failed error message (Square Enix servers are currently unavailable. Try again later.) I havent been able to log in at all for a couple weeks now. Is this a bug, or was Breach shut down?

The frustrating part is Id just spent over a hundred dollars on item packs & firewall keys... Just kidding, I never spent a dime on Breach, Im not insane. But what if I had? Very frustrating to have the rug pulled out so shortly after I started playing.

By the way, Ive had to remove all quotation marks & apostrophes from this message, because due to evidently incompetent coding, those punctuation marks cause posts to be truncated.

7th Oct 2018, 06:22
It has now been 26 days since the servers were first reported to be down. Cool business model, Square Enix.

18th Oct 2018, 11:43
Same here, I could play Breach once, then I got disconnected while completing first Darknetfile. Since then I got message that 'SE servers are currently not avaliable" I reported it to SE 2 times, once they wrote they are investigating the problem, after a week I wrote another one e-mail and didnt get any response from them.