View Full Version : Steam Early Access unlock time?

11th Sep 2018, 19:29
Hi everyone :wave:, it's been a while. :(

I have the Croft Edition on Steam for Shadow. The game is already pre-loaded. Can anyone confirm when the game will be unlocked? Any official source?

I heard the game will be unlocked simultaneously for everyone. But is there any official confirmation? Some people on Steam forum says the game will be unlocked at 5AM PDT on 12th September.

If that is true then I have to wait 18 hours on 12th September while my friends playing the game on PS4 here because of it's midnight release. Wonder why Steam gamers are second rated customer. :(

Thanks if anyone knows the answer. :worship:

12th Sep 2018, 09:42
i guess you have seen by now the huge pinned thread regarding its release.

9am pacific time.

for me in australia, it will be 1.30am when it is released. regardless the store page telling me it will be released in less than 2 days. not the end of the world of course but still questionable when it tells me this time but is not the case in reality.