View Full Version : water puzzles/tombs?

10th Sep 2018, 01:26
Do you guys reckon the game will have water puzzle tombs? I hope it does. They used to frustrate me but once you get it done makes you feel really good. I'm really excited for this game for 2 main reasons and that is the difficulty like how you can remove white markings and proper swimming. It used to always bother me with the last 2 game how you didn't really have much control when it comes to swimming.

10th Sep 2018, 10:34
They've been careful not to spoil any puzzles and tombs so it's hard to say, but there's definitely a lot more underwater exploration, which is definitely exciting! :D

And I absolutely agree with you, the different difficulty settings are a brilliant addition to the game - I just can't wait to remove all those white ledges!

11th Sep 2018, 20:00
Removing the white ledges sounds like an awesome idea but my thought was what if you see a ledge and you think she can grab on to it then you find out it's just decoration and she falls to her death. Long sentence sorry but for me personally I see the white ledges as helpful so you know she can grab onto the ledge.