View Full Version : Woman Masters Wild: Acrobatic Traversal and Brutal Traps

30th Aug 2018, 18:10
New video:


I love this one!

31st Aug 2018, 15:46
I vowed to stop watching these, but the word 'Acrobatic' pulled me in... Was expecting flips, ledge handstand etc. was disappointed :(

31st Aug 2018, 16:11
^Yeah... their definition of acrobatic is different.... :hmm:

If I'm honest, I'm not even that bothered by the lack of flips and handstands, I just wish Lara had more poise in her movements. Take the "swan dive" for example - the way she bends her legs is just so weird... and that's not even a proper swan dive, it's just a regular dive, so I don't know why the devs keep calling it so... Or how she still doesn't have a proper roll...

So yeah, I'm really just tired of Lara's movements being so scrappy looking and amateurish.

But, I'm really loving the variety of traps shown in this video. Crumbling floors, rotating blades, spikes... Love it!

2nd Sep 2018, 10:41
^ Gawd that "swan dive" is BS
Swans are graceful beings - Lara's flop isn't even worth mentioning ****

Yes, the traps were the big highlight of the video for me, I just hope they aren't all obvious in the game