View Full Version : [WIP] Reverse Flash skin mod

24th Aug 2018, 10:37
HI guys I am back
Since resorep allow us to extract and port back the texture to the game
I am able to do some texture modding for Wei :D
It wasn't something big but still figuring out how to edit the green normal map
But stay tune guys!




29th Aug 2018, 00:57
Yes! keep it up bro, im looking to start a project too.

29th Aug 2018, 01:05
Better question, will modding through resorep work in SDDE?

1st Sep 2018, 08:21
Better question, will modding through resorep work in SDDE?

looking forward to your projects!
But I am still troubled with the normal map issue, it seems that resorep can only extract the green normal map from the yellow jumpsuit.

To be honest
without the actual model it is really difficult to do UV mapping, all I was doing was just puppet wrapping and free transforming on Photoshop

And it is really annoying that the preset outfits are restricted with certain hairstyle and stuff, making it really difficult to map the mask. But do you have any idea to edit the normal map of Wei's hair? I saw someone did that for the true crime hong kong map. He even disabled the hair dynamics.