View Full Version : Woman Masters Wild, Makeshift Arsenal

15th Aug 2018, 16:28
Here you go. :)


15th Aug 2018, 20:12
This video made me want to break things.
I know, it's 30 seconds of condensed gun-play footage, but my god it's just looks like Resident Evil 6... (Which I enjoyed, but it's not Tomb Raider...)

Also, if there's another helicopter 'boss battle' like there was in Rise, I might actually just stop playing

16th Aug 2018, 00:33
I was none too impressed by the video. I realize combat is part of the series, more so the reboot than before, but with 3 videos dedicated to it, it gives the impression of too much once again. The title is 'Makeshift' Arsenal, so perhaps at least show how they're makeshift. But no, shooting and explosions. And I'm with you, another helicopter boss fight won't go down at all well with me.

Still, EM have talked about this game having a better balance between the pillars with more emphasis in traversal and puzzles than in the previous games. This has been backed up by the likes of Melonie Tomb Raider who's had the chance to play the first 4 hours. I guess we wait and see. There's only one month to go.

16th Aug 2018, 13:27
^I know what you mean. Combat is definitely what I'm least interested in, but I would say these WMW videos have actually been quite balanced. I mean, you're right, there's 3 videos dedicated to different aspects of combat, but that's just 3 out of 7 and Morrigan said we haven't seen half of the videos yet.

But yeah, I do hope it's true that Shadow has a better balance between combat and exploration/puzzles. And that we get more puzzles on the main path and not just on side tombs.

16th Aug 2018, 15:21
if i read something about the boss fight being a helicopter, i will refund the game. if i did not exceed over 2 hours of play time. i just really hope combat is really not the main focus as it was in the previous games. the main missions need exploration not just shooting stuff up.

20th Aug 2018, 03:40
I have zero issue with a boss helicopter, provided it isn't the finale and it isn't horribly repetitive.

Would prefer a train "boss" set though...