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10th Aug 2018, 21:20
A bunch of media outlets/youtubers/whatever have been releasing their previews for SOTTR. Here's some I've come across:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - PS4 Combat Gameplay | PS Underground

Classic Platforming, Mud Physics And 6 More Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Features You'll Love | Rock Paper Shotgun

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Preview B-roll

New Gameplay Today - Shadow Of The Tomb Raider | Game Informer

SOTTR Gameplay and Impressions by Melonie Mac

I'm sure there's more previews out there, but I feel like I've watched enough to get a feel of the game (I didn't even finish the last two I shared here).

I think the game looks gorgeous! I love how lush the jungle is. And how alive it feels with all the animals and their sounds. The Sound Design in general is really good! Overall, I love what I'm seeing (aside from Lara's atrocious mullet hair and some animations) and I think Shadow really might be the closest the Reboot as ever been to a proper TR game. :thumb:

11th Aug 2018, 12:40
^ Agreed, the jungle looks amazing.

I think I've seen enough of the gameplay now to feel justified with my pre-order. I just hope that in future they put the better gameplay out first, instead of those awful combat sequences.

Still waiting for news on Croft Manor though...

11th Aug 2018, 18:10
I've watched Mel's, the B-Roll and the 8 features videos. I think that's more than enough on top pf the reveal demo, Paititi and E3 footage. Probably more than usual for me. However, I also feel like I'm not too spoiled somehow. The videos show you quite a bit of the jungle environment, but it looks like there's so much more to see, which is great. The environments are absolutely stunning and vibrant.

I have a few concerns, one being the skill tree menu, it's bloody ugly and I'm not too keen on the new hud. It more distracting than the one in Rise, imo.

11th Aug 2018, 19:56
^Surprisingly, I actually like that new skill tree menu. I like how we get to see all of them in the same screen as opposed to Rise where they were on different tabs. And the different colours is a simple yet effective way of grouping the different skills into their categories. I like it.