View Full Version : What are people wanting for in JC4 and looking forward to doing in JC4?

6th Aug 2018, 22:47
Just by watching the trailer and gameplay trailer of JC4 it seems a lot of effort is being placed into it. I really enjoyed JC3 and looks that this expands on what was already founded in JC3. I wonder how well we will be able to utilize weather for our advantage. I wonder what perks, upgrades and skills we will be able to have in extension to that which was in JC3. Of course looking to a wide range of vehicles, aircraft and not sure if there will be any seacraft. I really enjoyed the Loochador. Didn't see any mechs but I hope they are returning. The flight suit, grapple and jet pack are the best. Hoping they get a nice upgrade in JC4. I know they spoke about the grapple but not much about the other things at our disposal. Will there be a further range of weapons than in JC3? Will the different biodomes hold different challenges unlike JC3?

What do you all think?

22nd Oct 2018, 13:05
Can't wait for JC4 to be released. I absolutely love the new weather system that will be introduced in this game. The scene where Rico chases the tornado looks amazing! I can't confirm, but I think there will be some sort of seacraft. Can't exactly imagine JC4 without it. I just really hope it won't get delayed.