View Full Version : The first 15 minutes of SOTTR in 4k - IGN First

6th Aug 2018, 20:15

We're kicking off this month's IGN First with the first 15 minutes of Eidos Montreal's Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 4K! Stay tuned for more on Lara's next big adventure all month long on IGN.



7th Aug 2018, 16:02
Love it. A few tiny nit picks. Her radio is still attached to her belt when she's talking to Jonah and when she's done she places it on the opposite side. Though it's cool she uses them, crampons magically appear over her boots when climbing and disappear when she's done. I love Lara and Jonah's interactions here, especially during the Tomb scene.

7th Aug 2018, 16:46
^Her gear constantly appears and disappears, so the crampons are just another item on the list. Like I remember in one video all her gear disappeared when she went into water and when she gets out it magically appears again... :hmm:

I do like what I'm seeing from Shadow so far, it definitely feels like its finally going in the right direction.

7th Aug 2018, 21:56
The game looks so good... I just can*t stand the ponytail... it always looks like it*s floating underwater, and like it defies the laws of gravity. If LC is upside down why is her hair sticking to her back... she must have super strong hairspray lol

7th Aug 2018, 22:09
^Honestly, the ponytail itself doesn't bother me half as much as all those short layers she has on the front. It's like she has a mullet. I HATE it.