View Full Version : A Stunning World

30th Jul 2018, 16:13
Check out Shadow of the Tomb Raider's environments:


30th Jul 2018, 16:21
Like I said on the other thread, the environments look beautiful! And the world feels more alive thanks to those vibrant colours! It definitely feels very TRish! :D

30th Jul 2018, 16:38
The pool of water around the 19s mark looks so inviting!

1st Aug 2018, 13:18
So it's confirmed, these videos really are the Woman Masters Wild series:


13th Aug 2018, 00:41
I was expecting a little bit more for a video with such a promising title that includes the word STUNNING.

To be honest, the world seen in this video looks a little plain and bland, mostly because it's a lot of similar environments as well as a lot of distant shots.

I also felt like the music was trying to hype up the video.

The environments in the video do look pretty to be sure.

I think it was just not the best selection of locations or the best shot choices for this particular video - because there is certainly some very stunning, realistic, interesting footage in other videos, which does make me believe that this installment in the series has a stunning world.