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28th Nov 2002, 09:14
Hello. I am working on a mod and am trying to set some moods and ambience for some parts. I wanted to toss out some questions for parts I haven't been able to work out.

Via script:

Can I toggle room power?
Change room and peep stats at will like adjusting energy cost throughout the mission? Also mood stats to make a more fluctuaing economy via advertising and conditions? (maybe swapping changer files)

I also plan to include some voice acting.. bad idea? Will anyone DL a good sized mod?

More questions to come :D


28th Nov 2002, 14:31
Another one! Yey!

Okay, I've not touched Startopia modding for almost three months now so I'm rusty. But I'll try to help. Maybe. A Little Bit.

- I'm pretty sure there is not a command to toggle room power, I might be wrong, but I never saw one anywhere and it's never used in the game.

- You might be able to swap between mood/build files mid-mission. There's commands to load mood/class/build but you have to use a numeric mission folder for that . . . so just don't go breaking the original missions. :) I've never tried this thou so give it a spin see what works!

- I'll download pretty much any size. Broadband baby, yeah! :D

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Welcome to the community!! (or however it's spelt ;))

28th Nov 2002, 15:37
AHHH.. you did Nova Panic and Randomizer (Which I just finished)!

Thanks for the welcome :) I have tried playing with the LOAD CLASS, etc and it doesnt seem to work. and I will note in the readme what numbers I will use If i get it working.

I sure wish the game was alt-tabable on my machine for testing purposes:(

I am afraid to ask explicitly what I want to accomplish for fear of taking the fun out of the mission :D

I'd rather do the little touches and have someone else code it! Last thing if this type I ever did was Doom maps. I just dont have a coding type brain.

The room power thingie had possibilities for the beginning of the story, guess I will just have to rewrite it. A problem that comes to mind is timing.. I will know when things will happen and I will have to remember to allow a new player time to figure out his/her course of action without dragging it on.

Speaking of dragging on.. I better get back to it.

Greb the Long Winded

28th Nov 2002, 16:59
You can't Alt-Tab the game?!

Odd. Not heard of anyone with that problem. Mind you, it doesn't like doing it mid-game, drop to the menu first. And it takes a good few seconds to re-init everything and load the screen, but it's faster than starting again every time!

28th Nov 2002, 17:46
ok.. I thought the long reload time would mess with something.

As for loading class files, still NO GO.. I get an error. I am calling it from an IF THEN ELSE block.. does it have to be declared or preloaded?

This is not the first command that works (or doesnt) per manual instructions. :(

I have a "class data in25.txt" in the 25 dir under missions and
LOAD CLASS 25 in the mish.txt

Greb the Stymied

BTW: I am on most of the major chat clients if you can do some realtime assistance.

NOTE: Muahahaha! Found it! mish wants LOAD_CLASS.. another critical typo in manual.

Shame each change set will need another dir!

28th Nov 2002, 20:54
Check my profile. I'm on most chat progs as well, I'm either logged into all of them or none of them (barring when it's not working right). Just give us a buzz and I'll (attempt) to help.

29th Nov 2002, 01:11
I don't have the manual on me, so this is all theory...

There is no way to alter any room, peep or furniture already in existance.

You might be able to change general stats like power, mood modifiers, weapon strength, etc. by using Load_Class, Load_Moods and Load_Changers, but you'll have to make numbered directories. You might want a directory structure like this:

\missions\71\ (for stats for chapter 1)
\missions\72\ (for stats for chapter 2)
\missions\73\ (for stats for chapter 3)
\missions\74\ (for stats for chapter 4)
\missions\Grebbler's Mission (for the rest of your mission data)

Just make sure you use misison numbers that no-one else does.

You can easily have peep arrival rates that change with advertising. Just use Set peeptype_every seconds That might work just as well.

ALT+TAB can take about 5 minutes to return to the game on slow machines (K6/2 350MHz) or 10 seconds on high end machines (Athlon 1800+) I think it's graphics re-initialization.

A very useful debug tool:

DebugFlag < YES
Set DebugFlag 4

DebugFlag = 4
Set DebugFlag 3
Incoming Local_Comms Respond DebugFlag "Click 'Yes' to run test case..."

DebugFlag = YES
Set DebugFlag 4
Insert test code here

This is very useful for setting a variable in the middle of a game to see if one of your triggers works properly. The message will appear everytime it is removed so that you can test it over and over.

There are a number of typos in the manual. Another was either Place_Peep or Place_Portable. One of them doesn't have the underscore.

Lots of luck with your mod. We'll be waiting...

1st Dec 2002, 23:23
Voice acting would be a VERY exciting and interesting addition, and as for large files, no fear, theres always a place on File Planet for them!

3rd Dec 2002, 08:43
When I was modding, I used two computers in a network. I have an old Pentium (p75) standing in a corner, and I did all the editing there, using Notepad.
I could have the game running and at the same time editing the file. I didn't have to go nuts just to switch between gaming and editing. I could easily check variables in game and in editing. Good when debugging and you get error messages and need to se all info.

By the way,
My mission can be found here
Contains a small part of rollplaying.

Mucky Foot
3rd Dec 2002, 23:48
ok.. I thought the long reload time would mess with something
Nope, should Just Work. It is a little slow Alt-Tabbing, because we're a bit paranoid and reload every single texture. Just in case, you know.

There are a few odd cases where we fail to notice that you've Alt-Tabbed back to the game, and all you get is a blank screen. Basically, the rule is that if you can see a spinning cursor, you're fine - the game's reloading textures, and will be with you shortly. If the cursor isn't spinning, then it's failed to notice and you probably need to Alt+Tab out and back again to give it a bit of a poke.

You can probably speed Alt+Tabs up a bit by moving the "texture quality" slider all the way to the left. Obviously it'll be quite ugly, but it might be a bit quicker to load, and ugly is fine while you're editing scripts.

TomF - Muckyfoot coder.

Mucky Foot
3rd Dec 2002, 23:49
Doh. and are used in a completely different forum... :-(

TomF - Muckyfoot coder.

5th Dec 2002, 16:13
Originally posted by Mucky Foot

There are a few odd cases where we fail to notice that you've Alt-Tabbed back to the game, and all you get is a blank screen.

I don't know if we mean the same blank screen, but those times I got a black screen with nothing on (from alt+tabing when debugging usermissions in midgame), I pressed Esc and got to the option screen. Then Esc again and everything was fixed. It is a bit faster :).

6th Dec 2002, 02:35
That's from ALT+TABbing mid-game as opposed to from the menu.