View Full Version : SOTTR Merchandise by WETA WORKSHOP!!!

19th Jul 2018, 15:40
Get your very first look at the new Shadow of the #TombRaider statue by @WetaWorkshop (source (https://twitter.com/tombraider/status/1019786971974066176))

LARA CROFT - 1:4 SCALE FIGURE (https://www.wetanz.com/shop/figures/lara-croft?currency=EUR)

Prop Replica Jade Necklace (https://www.wetanz.com/shop/jewellery/necklace-of-lara-croft):

Crafted to exacting detail, the necklace is made from jade and sculpted by local pounamu carver, Terence Turner, in Wellington, New Zealand. The necklace comes in a beautiful gift box made from natural timber.

Bow and Arrow Prop Replica (https://www.wetanz.com/shop/weapons/bow-and-arrow-of-lara-croft?ref=collection):

I still can't believe SE got freaking WETA to do Shadow's merchandise! :worship: The statue is absolutely gorgeous!!! And it's so cool that the necklace has an actual jade pendant!!! I love these so much!!!
If only I could afford them...

22nd Jul 2018, 18:10
Sorry to double post, but here's some more pics of that stunning statue: https://imgur.com/a/y7k8zEw

23rd Jul 2018, 19:51
Everything looks soo good. The statue is gorgeous but probably above my price range. I am so tempted by the bow. OMG!

23rd Jul 2018, 23:52
That statue is so nice. I'm expecting a solid $500 price tag, so well out of my range. :(

16th Aug 2018, 13:46
That statue is so nice. I'm expecting a solid $500 price tag, so well out of my range. :(

The statue is up on Weta's site (https://www.wetanz.com/shop/figures/lara-croft)!! It's even more expensive than that: $799 / 702.74 euros, excluding taxes! :eek: So yeah, it's waaaayyyy out of my range too... :(

16th Aug 2018, 15:28
over a 1000AUD for me. i did not even pay that much for the mirrors edge catalyst figurine and this i had to ship from the US. i can accept over a 100AUD, 150 at most but 10x higher than that, no thanks.

16th Aug 2018, 23:57
Yeah, a real nice piece but $1k is well above what I'm comfortable with.

19th Aug 2018, 12:02
I'm thinking about buying her but the measurements seem to be off as well. At 1/4 scale, they're basically stating that Lara is 5 feet tall.
Do we have any official height measurement for Lara or know anyone official enough to confirm it? I always thought she was about 5'6" -- give or take an inch