View Full Version : Weird Mesh problem with laras Head

28th Nov 2002, 08:07
G'day mates

I seem to have a problem, when lara shoots her pistols her Head turns into her waist:confused:

here are the snap shots



the only thing I have done was edit her head to fix the Hair animation problem, using Turbo's Tutorial on the subject.

An ideas on how to fix this?

Cheers in advance

28th Nov 2002, 13:13
I think youve just remapped the verticles for the ponytail wrongly , only strpix3.5 does it correctly , then you need to open it and resave it in strpix3.4 to uncorrupt it (because 3.5 usually corrupts wads) *sigh*

Ps You could have made your pictures a little smaller :/

28th Nov 2002, 14:53
That's just a Lara's bum put in the place of her head in the Lara scream object. You can export and then import the correct Lara's head in the place of that bum with Strpix or TRViewer.

28th Nov 2002, 21:51
Thx mates Will try both of those suggestions :)

Sorry about the huge images, it was 11pm when i posted that and was 1/2 asleep and to lazy to resize them :)
well off to work now Chaps