View Full Version : Can't exit witch boss fight Baba Yaga DLC

25th Jun 2018, 08:56
I'm at the witch boos fight Baba Yaga DLC. I'm finding it very difficult and time consuming and want to leave it for another day.

But I can't get out! There seems to be no way back to camp. When I try to swim back out of it I'm confronted with walls I apparently can't climb. Can anyone help.

This DLC is frankly a nightmare for me. Absolutely no fun at all. I have average motor skills I imagine but I found it very difficult do the winches at the temple. Just not enough time. I shall think carefully about purchasing another DLC. I doubt I shall complete this one. Total bore.

25th Jun 2018, 10:14
I had another go at swimming back. There's vegetation covering the walls blocking the way. If there's some way of getting rid of it I can't think of one. I've also watched a walkthrough of the boss fight and I know I can't be bothered it. But I'm completely locked out RoTR! Can someone please help!

25th Jun 2018, 14:15
So that's it. Locked out of RotTR, where was about a third of the way through and hugely enjoying, by this absolutely horrible DLC. I'm never going to get through that boss fight.

I shall never buy another game from Crystal Dynamics. Ever.

25th Jun 2018, 17:59
Saved by Stella at tombraiders.net! Xbox One has a load backup facility in the Load Game menu I wasn't aware of (LT + RT, it is noted tucked away in the options bar bottom right) , and that brought me to my last camp site.

Many thanks to Stella. Thanks for nothing Crystal Dynamics...