View Full Version : Chronicles' "Northern Shrines of Brahma" Help!

Chris-Craig Michaels
28th Nov 2002, 02:31
OK, I so I just pushed the pushable block out of its passageway. Now what? I don't have any keys to open the door, and no stones to use in the serpant heads! Help, please!

28th Nov 2002, 14:49
I only remember one pushable block in the level, will do my best to remember:

If you are pushing the block from the outside area - pull it back immediatly! if you push it to the end, you wont be able to finish the level properly!

If you are in the inside area - puch the block out as far as you can, this will free the water flow (strangely doesn't do it if you push it from the otherside) and the area below will fill with water.
What you do in the water is...
find a leaf covered passage, that's where the key for the door nearby is.

You wont find any serpent stones for the door at the start of the level, as there's no way back at some point I think.