View Full Version : Does Jonah Look Different To Anyone Else?

18th Jun 2018, 23:15
I saw the new trailer and we get a better look at Jonah and something looks different especially in his face. Did they change his look? I liked his look before. Maybe it's just me.

19th Jun 2018, 10:06
They definitely changed his look.

I think Jonah's Rise look is the outlier of the group. That Afro hairstyle he was rocking made him look more of African descent than Māori.
Imo, in SOTTR, Jonah looks closer to his original concept, except his face looks slightly less chubby, with more angular features.

19th Jun 2018, 11:52
I was very pleased to see Jonah looking more like his original self. I didn't mind his look in Rise, but he didn't really look like Jonah. I don't know why they changed him. I prefer this new look.

21st Jun 2018, 23:06
Maybe they trimmed him down some, like maybe he lost weight. I didn't notice that much of a difference between each game at first but thanks dark7angel for showing each picture. He does look more similar to the original look just more slim I guess.

16th Jul 2018, 19:09
Dude can't keep a consistent look. Just who does he think he is? Lara?? :p:nut: