View Full Version : Help Im drowning.....

28th Nov 2002, 01:08
Okay, this and shark attacks are getting rather annoying to me. Is there a cheat code to just shut off shark attacks, and how many of you are building multiple lifeguard stations on each stretch of beach so that you have more time coverage. I hate having to go and close all the beaches at night when there is no lifeguard and Im sure my guests dont like hearing the person drowning disturbing their sleep.

I would much rather of had typhoons or hurricanes blow through the resort and demolish a building or two than people drowning even when there is a lifeguard present.

Coconut Kid
28th Nov 2002, 16:41
I finally tumbled to the notion of watching the mini-map for white dots in the water which signal the presence of sharks. Before that I kept jumping around wasting time.

I've never seen anyone go in the ocean after dark. Was it one island or several where that happened?

I have built double coverage of towers on some of the large (long) beaches to cover the full 14 hours of light though. I have seen lifeguards go surprising distances to make successful rescues.


29th Nov 2002, 05:52
I usually have 3 towers for one section, to make sure they're always manned. Plus the third shift overlaps a bit with the first one, which is handy ;). Also, if you're talking about Level 5 (I was stuck on it before Coconut pointed out something) then you have to close the beach manually on all lifeguard towers, as the game sometimes might class them as seperate beaches when they aren't and stuff.