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8th Jun 2018, 09:52

The songs follow a strictly Peste Noire-ish pattern of being bizarre and loose feeling yet containing great musicianship. A La Chaise Dyable feels to me like Famine's own twisted version of something beautiful and post-rock influenced, as imagined of course through his own skewed psyche. Sort of how Alcest could sound if Famine fronted it in the place of Neige.Meanwhile, Le Dernier Putsch is what I thought was an Akitsa cover (credit where it's due: Thetrueseker pointed out that this is not in fact a cover but simply Famine reusing some old lyrics he wrote for Akitsa and writing a completely new song around them) and thus has far more of a strict black metal feel. It feels distinctly Peste Noire and retains that somewhat insane feel Famine imbues his performances with.

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24th Dec 2018, 06:10
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