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22nd May 2018, 01:37
If you notice on the Official Site (https://www.tombraider.com/en-gb), each month we'll get something new. Well, May (leading into June) is Meet the Team. According to the tweet, we should be getting daily videos. https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/998639568218828800

Video 1, Daniel Bisson.

22nd May 2018, 02:18
Was kinda hoping he'd talk about himself more, not the game :scratch:

22nd May 2018, 16:11
Oh me too. But these little snippets could get really interesting.

Video 2, Emilie Guilloux, Lead Performance.


22nd May 2018, 17:05
^Some new concept art in the new video! Cool! :cool:

Also, that lady has a really thick accent! I LOVE IT! :D

23rd May 2018, 16:06
This new video talks 30 seconds about the sound. I don't have the YouTube video yet just a tweet:

Video 3, Lead Sound Designer, Frederic Arnaud.


23rd May 2018, 16:53
Pretty cool that they used real Mexican voices and real local sounds like the birds he mentions. :thumb:

24th May 2018, 16:04
Video 4, Jason Dozois, Narrative Director



25th May 2018, 16:04
Sorry for double post, but new video.

Video 5, Jill Murray, Lead Writer.


Hope this link works, Twitter has gone loopy on me.


25th May 2018, 16:17
^Link works fine, Rai! :)

Nothing really new in this one, but I just really like Jill for some reason!

Also, I really like that little snippet of music we get at the very end of these videos. It gives me some serious Bear Mccreary vibes for some reason... It would be a dream to have him as the composer but it's probably impossible since he was working on God of War...

25th May 2018, 16:29
Yeah, the music is really nice. I wonder if we'll meet the composer during one of these videos, or if we'll have to wait until E3. I enjoyed the short storyboard animation in this one.

Anyhoo, updated with the YouTube embed.

28th May 2018, 16:24
This week's video talks more about how Lara can instil fear into her enemies. These French accents are killing me.

Video 6, Mathieu Bissonette, Level Designer.


As soon as I find the YouTube vid, I'll add it.


28th May 2018, 18:44
^Nice! Some brand new concept arts in the video:

(Found this image on TRForums)

29th May 2018, 16:10
In today's video we learn a little about deadly puzzles.

Video 7, Yann Regnier, 3D Artist.


Some of those designs look really cool. :eek:.


29th May 2018, 16:23
^This guy created over 50 puzzles/mechanisms for the game! :eek: I already love him! Let's hope they were all used!!! :naughty:

Also, I think it's pretty cool that he limited himself to the materials available at the time the mechanisms would have been constructed. It's a really nice detail.

29th May 2018, 16:30
I doubt all of them made it in, but we'll see. I wonder if any of them don't involve the use of rope :p.

I'm both intrigued yet a little scared by the thought of a spider-like mechanism. *gulp.

29th May 2018, 16:41
^Yeah, Rise did overuse the rope mechanic for its puzzles... it's okay for a few of them, but for ALL... it's a bit overkill... :hmm:

And you're probably right, it's a bit wishful thinking to expect all 50+ designs to make it into the game. It would be nice though...

Overall, I just want more puzzles with more variety than what we had on Rise. And I want them to be mandatory and not side missions.

29th May 2018, 17:22
^Yeah, Rise did overuse the rope mechanic for its puzzles... it's okay for a few of them, but for ALL... it's a bit overkill... :hmm:

And you're probably right, it's a bit wishful thinking to expect all 50+ designs to make it into the game. It would be nice though...

Overall, I just want more puzzles with more variety than what we had on Rise. And I want them to be mandatory and not side missions.

agreed. rise was very mundane with its puzzles and especially traps. using the same trap throughout the game was just lazy. so far these videos look promising and i hope they have taken the parts out that were bad in rise.

30th May 2018, 19:04
Today, it's all about the concept art. Meet -

Video 8, Charly Chive, Concept Artist:



31st May 2018, 16:05

Video 9, David Hubert, Cinematics Director



Someone please comment so I don't triple post :p.

31st May 2018, 20:14
Ooooh! That's probably the scene Camilla and Jill were talking about during the Tribeca Games panel! Camilla said they had to do several takes to get it right and she started like provoking Jonah's actor so that she could get him pissed off for the scene!

Someone please comment so I don't triple post :p.

Funny you asking this and then triple posting accidentally! :p

31st May 2018, 22:15
Yeah, it looks like the final cinematic of the demo. It's very emotional and very well acted.

And yeah, the irony is not lost on me :p.

1st Jun 2018, 13:34
^Since you played the demo, would you say Shadow is better acted than the previous two games?

It's one of the things that always bugged me in the Reboot games, how everything is so over-acted. And while I'll probably never be a fan of Camilla's acting as Lara (she seems like a wonderful person, but her voice acting just doesn't click with me for Lara...), I think a big part of my dislike for her performance comes from poor direction: the heavy-breathing, the over-dramatic desperation in the delivery of her lines... I think a lot of it can be improved with better direction.

So, did you notice if there was any improvement or did it look the same for you?

1st Jun 2018, 16:30
I've had mixed feelings over the acting in TR'13 and Rise. I do agree there have been moments of over-acting, which I put down mostly to bad direction. I do feel Camilla is underrated. There are times she did really well. She does best during one-to-one interaction. Going by what I remember of the demo, the acting was really on point. There was a moment when Lara screams Jonah's name, and I thought, uh oh, here we go, but honestly the scene is so well done, it really hits the emotional spot. These are two friends arguing, and even though they're equally sure they're in the right, they hate that they're fighting. I'd say the acting and direction has improved.


Video 10, Audrey Flammand Lapointe, Senior Lighting Artist.



1st Jun 2018, 17:09
^Thanks Rai! It's reassuring to hear that they have improved on the acting and direction. :thumb:

Interesting. In the new video, she says: "Is it something from the past, or is it in the present?" - Flashbacks confirmed! Question is, will it be more Lara flashbacks or will it be about the myth?

2nd Jun 2018, 08:10
Don't worry about the double-posting rule that much, folks. We rarely enforce it here and when we do it is only when someone is abusing the forum by spamming it for their own interest or simply failing to use the multi-quote feature when doing a series of replies all at once (i.e. minutes apart).

In cases like in this thread where someone is providing a service to the community (providing updates about the game) double-posting (or even triple) is fine. In fact, it actually helps to notify the community that new info is available in the thread (a new post makes the thread title go bold) so don't sweat it :)

Regarding post deletion, though - everyone should be able to delete their own posts if it's not a thread OP. Are you unable to do this yourself, Rai? If so I'll have a look what the problem could be.

2nd Jun 2018, 09:10
I couldn't see how to do it, but as you said it was possible, I looked harder. Thanks Driber.

4th Jun 2018, 17:06
New video - Meet Senior Technical Artist Martin Palko



4th Jun 2018, 17:15
Yay, someone beat me to it :lol:

Interesting to see a bit of the technical side to the fire and water. Is that the Underworld Lara used in the test?

4th Jun 2018, 17:42
Yay, someone beat me to it :lol:

It wasn't easy! I've been trying to beat you for days! :rasp:

I don't think it's Underworld Lara. She has a braid, not a ponytail. It kinda looks like Classic Lara to me... :scratch:

5th Jun 2018, 17:02
Here is today's video.

Video 12, Bianca Lavric, Dev Tester.



6th Jun 2018, 07:32
I couldn't see how to do it, but as you said it was possible, I looked harder. Thanks Driber.

No worries. Good to hear it's working :)

6th Jun 2018, 16:17
New video - Gameplay Director Daniel Drapeau


6th Jun 2018, 18:02
The YouTube version:


6th Jun 2018, 18:21
Some new concepts from today's video:

7th Jun 2018, 16:02
Video 14? David Boileau, Lead UI



7th Jun 2018, 16:09
^The embedded video isn't working.

7th Jun 2018, 16:13
Sorry, I had a lot of trouble finding the correct code fro some reason. Fixed. :)

So I understand that his work is to do with the the game menus? But what does UI stand for? *Googles* Oooh, okay.

7th Jun 2018, 16:22
So I understand that his work is to do with the the game menus? But what does UI stand for? *Googles* Oooh, okay.

I actually had to Google it as well!

I wonder what these are about:

7th Jun 2018, 16:27
Oh interesting! Social ingredients? Like listening to conversations? Or some other clues? Also, Andre Lopez? Is he like a playable character? This one video on a subject that I wouldn't have been too interested in suddenly becomes much more interesting :p. Also, I'm loving that Story complete screen.

7th Jun 2018, 17:08
^Right!? At first I was like meh, this is just about the menu design, but then I noticed those two screens!

I have no idea what they mean by "social ingredients", but if they give us clues to solve puzzles, it must mean we'll have more logic-based puzzles - which means we won't just get rope puzzles!

As for "The Journey of Andre Lopez", it's very intriguing... I guess it could be a playable character, but since not many people liked playing as Kurtis in AoD, would they really risk it here? Maybe it could be like a side story where we follow some old explorer's journal or something...

8th Jun 2018, 16:09
This video is different, it's Alicia Vikander reacting to Shadow:

Video 15, Alicia Vikander, Actress (Movie Lara).


8th Jun 2018, 17:21
^That was... disappointing... :hmm:

8th Jun 2018, 18:03
There's a final one coming later today ;) (according to Morrigan).

Video 16, Marco Foglia, Senior Animator


8th Jun 2018, 19:50

I take it this is the final video?

8th Jun 2018, 21:10
I believe so, yes.

Anyhoo, the YouTube version:

9th Jun 2018, 16:10
I was wrong, there is one more.

Video 17, David Anfossi, Studio Head at Eidos Montreal.



9th Jun 2018, 16:10
Seems it wasn't the last one after all!

New video - David Anfossi, Head of Eidos Montreal


EDIT: lol, we posted at the same time! :D

9th Jun 2018, 16:24

I was spending so much time editing my post, I didn't notice :p.

And now we wait a day or two.

I've enjoyed these videos with tiny snippets of the game to keep us going. It's nice to get a chance to meet members of the team that would normally be behind the scenes only.