View Full Version : Any Word on Just Cause 4?

19th Apr 2018, 16:38
Okay, HUGE JC2 fan here, and I still play it. Was highly disappointed in JC3. I suppose it was kind of fun in a way, but I gave up on it because even with the awesome wing-suit (and Bavarian wing suit) I just got bored and didn't find it as right and nearly as much fun as I still find JC2.

But still, I wouldn't mind moving onto trying a brand new JC game if one is going to be coming out.

24th May 2018, 15:32
I see this thread has almost 200 views but no answers, so I will just droop this in over a month after my original post:

It looks like Just Cause 4 may be coming and MAYBE (I can only hope!) will get coverage at E3 this year?

There was a Walmart leak earlier this month. Walmart listed JC4 in their pre-order titles. None of this is conclusive, of course. But I am excited.

11th Jun 2018, 11:28
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