View Full Version : RISE OF TOMB RAIDER: DLC BUG [PS4]

22nd Mar 2018, 17:03
Hey guys ,

I'm playing BABA YAGA DLC for Rise of the tomb raider , however after pulling the rope twice from each side. The lever is pulled but there's no cut scene. I am playing it on PS4. Can somebody please help,

Thank you

23rd Mar 2018, 17:00
Sorry but that is a super vague description of your issue, can you explain in more detail where you are?

I would assume you're at the lift, but I don't know.

25th Apr 2018, 19:44
I’m on Xbox and had this happen, I got my swinging rope and wanted to go back to collect the last two documents but one is on the other side of the wicked vale in the bosses arena but I can’t seem to call the Gondola back down to the valley to go there. The switch you pull to call it won’t activate when hit with your arrow to pull the switch. This has been an issue for me for over 1 year I figured they would have eventually fixed this with an update, this bug is stopping me from 100% on the hardest difficulty and I would like to get my achievements so please put out a fix for the elevater as I’ve been patiently waiting for over a year for a bug fix.

25th Apr 2018, 19:52
Found a slight fix for this just as I posted on here, I quit out to main menu AT THE SWITCH, continued from the main menu and the gondola was at the bottom with me. So there is a work around I guess, now to complete my 100% run.