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19th Mar 2018, 19:01
So on the official TR site (tombraider.com), every Monday, a new puzzle will be available to play and it will give us clues about SOTTR. You can already play the first one.

And while playing the puzzle game we have this background music:


Solve the Path of the Stars puzzle to unlock exclusive clues to Lara Croft’s next adventure in Shadow of the Tomb Raider! A new level will launch every Monday along with another chance to win a prize, leading up to the grand reveal of Shadow of the Tomb Raider on April 27th.

For fans in participating countries, complete Level 1 by March 26th at 9:00AM PDT / 12:00PM EDT / 05:00PM CET for a chance to win a trip for two to a Shadow of the Tomb Raider Reveal Event in Montreal, Los Angeles, or London! You and a friend will have the chance to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider, mingle with the development team, and enjoy delicious food and drinks.

After completing each level, you will be prompted to share the Shadow of the Tomb Raider teaser trailer and puzzle on your social channels for up to 6 additional contest entries each week.

When each level is completed over 5,000 times, a new clue for Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be unlocked!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on September 14, 2018.

I've complete it a few times now, but we're still a long way to go before we reach the first clue, so go play it! :D

Puzzle #1 & #2 Reward - First SOTTR render:

Downloads: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tombraiderofficialflickr/sets/72157667253685608

Puzzle #3 Reward - Audio File:


"Lara: to find the hidden city, go to south along the shore until you find the pink fish.

Jonah: I-I found something for that, they're pink dolphins, they are only in Amazon"

Puzzle #4 Reward - Audio File:


Lara: I know that it's not practical, I know that it's hard to believe, but you need to trust me.

Jonah: The Creation God. Is that what Trinity is after?

Puzzle #5 Reward - Audio File:


Man's voice: This isn't the way I hoped we'd meet... You know I've been interested in your work.

Lara: Trinity always is.

19th Mar 2018, 20:18
Me being me, tried to solve it from the inside out, thus missing the whole green (which looked blue to me) glow on the outer ring.

Anyway, I got like a 7 shape. Do we all get the same, or?

19th Mar 2018, 21:18
Yeah, I did the same as you and it took me some time to get it right! :o

And yes, I think we all get that same 7-shaped constellation. Only when the pick-axe gets to 100% will we get the actual clue. It's currently at around 57%.

By the way, I really like the music. :thumb:

19th Mar 2018, 21:52
^ I feel far less stupid now! Haha :D

Ahh... I'll give it another hour or two and go see what the full clue is then

I wasn't sure what to make of the music and then the TR9 theme snuck in and I was sold

EDIT: I went back and did it a couple more times to snag a screengrab of the shape...
Also it's at 63% now.

20th Mar 2018, 14:00
So we've already reached 100%, but according to TR's twitter account (https://twitter.com/tombraider/status/975910891139973121) we'll only get our reward at 9AM PDT (which is at 4PM GMT).

20th Mar 2018, 15:59
Does that constellation actually mean anything?

I'm not expecting the reward to be much this time. Each Mon until the 27th April, there will be a new puzzle, so maybe the rewards will be more rewarding each week.

20th Mar 2018, 16:06
^ No idea.

So the reward is part of a picture. - My guess is that each week it will unlock a part of the official poster. Reasons; the first part clearly has trees that arc over Lara (here axes are in the corner) and in both the previous games' posters/covers there's been an arc or scenery over Lara.

20th Mar 2018, 16:11
^Yeah, seems like solving the puzzles gives us pieces of another puzzle...


20th Mar 2018, 16:26
^ Well I'm looking forward to next weeks puzzle...

Also, looking at the picture again, the sunset/sunrise in the background makes me think that perhaps this isn't an arch, but under Lara?
So the image is rotated... And with that in mind, the axes are in front of a tree (or branch?) perhaps Lara is being super stealth up in the trees?

20th Mar 2018, 16:40
^I think you're right, the image is rotated...

I also think the final image will be the box art. One new piece each week, leading to the full reveal on April 27th. Wanna bet the last piece is Lara's face?!

21st Mar 2018, 22:32
Sorry to double post but for some reason we got a new piece today:


23rd Mar 2018, 17:32
Third piece: https://m.facebook.com/TombRaider/photos/a.10150170604461158.301260.287378891157/10155525996791158/?type=3&source=57


23rd Mar 2018, 17:59
^Nice!!! I've been playing around with the pieces and trying to put them together. This is what I got:

26th Mar 2018, 16:46

It's the same puzzle, just bigger. Snore.

Edit: You know what actually, let me pose a question to the devs; is this pre-game mini puzzle "difficultly boost" a representation of how playing Shadow on different difficulties will effect the puzzles?

Anyway, pretty sure the constellation is Orion, the first part being his head, the second being the centre of his bow
See you around nerds :cool:

26th Mar 2018, 16:58
I was really hoping for a different puzzle but yeah... it's the same one...

Here's the Constellation Piece we get this time:


28th Mar 2018, 16:23
The fourth piece of the image:



28th Mar 2018, 17:01
^Finally!!! This one took forever to complete 100%!!!

Anyway, here's the 4 pieces put together:

28th Mar 2018, 22:58
Lara's arse. Only her face to go! Meagan has said we will get the whole image this week.



29th Mar 2018, 13:44
^This is shaping up to be a really cool render!!! Can't wait to see her face!

30th Mar 2018, 15:58
She's complete. Download links: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tombraiderofficialflickr/sets/72157667253685608

30th Mar 2018, 16:29
Great render, I really like it. :thumb:

EDIT - I was trying to change my signature to one with the new render, but I can't upload it. Help please?!:o

31st Mar 2018, 20:51
Really looking forward to this game, Tomb Raider meets Apocalypto.

3rd Apr 2018, 16:41
Puzzle 3 is now live.

Here's the new constellation piece:


3rd Apr 2018, 17:11
I am no longer convinced that the constellation is Orion. Potentially Sagittarius? He also has a bow, but the pieces aren't quite exact.

Also, I was super excited about working out what the numbers could possibly be, shame that.

3rd Apr 2018, 17:38
It's a nice detail that they used the Mayan numerals in this puzzle.


It's just a little redundant that the date we get when solving it is the release date that we already knew...

3rd Apr 2018, 18:43
^ Nice, but exactly what I expected.
Deadfall Adventures has a series of Mayan themed levels, including one that uses those symbols to unlock a gate, without getting skewered. (It's a good game, if you want something to play before Shadow.)

And yeah, it would have been nice to have seen some other numbers so that people could go crazy theorising.

3rd Apr 2018, 18:55
Well I worked out what combination of dots and lines meant, but it's working out what glyphs match, or is it random?

3rd Apr 2018, 19:00
^Honestly, I didn't bother to try and understand if there was any method to it. I just tried different combinations of glyphs until I had all the numbers...

4th Apr 2018, 07:45
^ Same.

Crowd unlock is at 19%... I feel like by the end of this series of puzzles there's going to be very few people still playing.

4th Apr 2018, 13:52
Finally up to 46% :D

4th Apr 2018, 15:31
So I played it a couple more times to try and understand the actual puzzle and here's what I got:

So each time a new puzzle is loaded, the numeral value assigned to each glyph is different, so it doesn't matter figuring out what glyphs to match.
The easiest way to complete the puzzle is to spin the inner wheel until you find the glyph with the lowest number and then spin the outer wheel until you get all the numbers. :)

8th Apr 2018, 11:59
This weeks crowd unlock has hit 100% - Here's hoping for something good!

Also, when do we find out who is winning these weekly prizes? I haven't seen any sort of announcement for the previous 2 weeks...

8th Apr 2018, 17:52
*Camilla's voice* Jonahhh, I'm herrrre!


About the prizes...no idea. Maybe they'll announce them all in one go? Seems odd.

8th Apr 2018, 20:29
"Lara: to find the hidden city, go to south along the shore until you find the pink fish.

Jonah: I-I found something for that, they're pink dolphins, they are only in Amazon"

So, new location confirmed?! :naughty:

9th Apr 2018, 16:39
Well the new puzzle up. The number is 2018. On 5%

9th Apr 2018, 17:16
Just did it as well. On 10% now.

Here's the new constellation piece:


9th Apr 2018, 17:22
I completely forgot this was happening today.

It's at 11%, seems to be going up steadily...

Dibs on this week's prize please xoxo

EDIT: @Voice clip - Cool, at least Jonah is still around.

@Roo - Fair enough, I wasn't sure if I had missed something

It would be nice if there was someone around to answer us...

These here is our forums now :cool:

16th Apr 2018, 13:49
Bloody FINALLY!!! I've been trying to log into the forums for a bloody week!!! :eek:

Anyway, here's the reward for last week's puzzle - it's another recording:


Lara: I know that it's not practical, I know that it's hard to believe, but you need to trust me.

Jonah: The Creation God. Is that what Trinity is after?

I swear no matter how hard I try, I don't think I'll ever enjoy Camilla's voice acting as Lara...

New puzzle later today. :)

16th Apr 2018, 14:20
Bloody FINALLY!!! I've been trying to log into the forums for a bloody week!!! :eek:

Whenever anyone has issues logging in feel free to drop me a line via email, guys. There's a permanent notice at the top of every forum page with an email that goes directly to me. I only got to know about the problem a few days ago, so I could've helped sooner if someone reported the problem on day 1 :)

16th Apr 2018, 17:05
^I'll have that in mind next time. :o

Anyway, final puzzle is live!

@a_big_house: looks like you were right all along and the constellation is Orion:


16th Apr 2018, 17:11
Good puzzle. A little tricky if you don't realise you need to drop the pieces into the gaps in the ring.

As much as I do appreciate the render and the short audio files, I hope the reward is something a tad more juicy :nut:

16th Apr 2018, 20:41
@a_big_house: looks like you were right all along and the constellation is Orion:

Huh... Well damn, go me! I'll take my reward now, thank you developers xoxo

Good puzzle. A little tricky if you don't realise you need to drop the pieces into the gaps in the ring.

YUP! :lol:

What the hell are Square Enix Members points? - Is that going to be a thing for the game? Like the Byzantine coins, for the extra gadgets?

Also - Rude. I finally have a passport and this weeks prize is USA only :hmm:

18th Apr 2018, 14:17
The final puzzle is solved.

Man: This isn't the way I'd hoped we'd meet (?). You know I've always been interested in your work.

Lara: Trinity always is.

Not 100% sure that's what the man says.

Now we wait for the reveal next week!

18th Apr 2018, 15:24
Here's the audio file:

18th Apr 2018, 16:25
Thanks. I didn't have it before to post.

Who do we think this is? The Cardinal from the comic?

18th Apr 2018, 16:44
^Could be... although, now that I think about it, would Lara be so calm talking to the man who killed her father? :scratch: In every other instance, she pretty much always loses her composure when it comes to her father...

18th May 2018, 13:29
:rolleyes: Wondering what happened with the puzzle and the mentioned points reward... :confused:
Did I oversee something? It just stopped with the Orion puzzle? No every monday a new puzzle?
I've been waiting and looking (I think everywhere) for some information about these "Square Enix Members points", and where to see if any where added to my account and if the puzzle will/might continue sometime... But unfortunately I can't find anything.
Hopfully someone has some more information,
Thanks in andvance!

18th May 2018, 16:18
^Hi Duebel and welcome to the forum!

The new puzzle every Monday was leading up to the reveal of SOTTR on April 27th. So the Orion puzzle was the last one.

As for the "Square Enix Members points", I have no idea... :hmm:

27th May 2018, 13:41
So I seems that I won the POP Funko (I think that was the prize I posted that I wanted above)
But the email went to my junk, so I might have missed my opportunity to get it :mad2:

GAWD I hate the Windows 10 mail app