View Full Version : Why are my transparent textures black?

27th Nov 2002, 07:20
I just made a texture set, but all the testures that were to be transparent are black in the areas where they should be see through, yet they are transparent in the editor, whats wrong?
I can see the objects in the next room through the transparent textures, but everything else is completly black

27th Nov 2002, 08:53
G'day Philae,

I'm not sure on this, but I think that the Black texture is used for the Horizon, and if you dont have a Horizon included in your WAD they will sho up as Black.

If you want a transparent wall, Use the Pink texture from the colour pad in the editor.

Hope this helps.

27th Nov 2002, 09:50
Im talking about the textures in my tga file...example-> I have a gate texture but when I apply it I can not see through to the other room, well the textures in the next room are all black, however I can see objects, and Lara herself through the gate textures. Im not using a horizon or the square to texture the horizon. I am only applying textures.

27th Nov 2002, 10:56
Well I have tried all I can think of still with no luck........is anybody there...hello???????

27th Nov 2002, 11:35
Ok I think I found my problem out
(I was texturing walls instead of doors..duh!)
After I textured the doorways it looked ok, but it brought up 2 other problems( the TRLE life's story)
1. How do you apply 2 or more textures to a doorway? Say if you wanted to make a fence, but it requires 2 textures, one on top portion and another on bottom.I tried to split the doorway, but If I highlight the doorway and use raise floor it will raise the floor in the joining room....????

2.How do you keep Lara from entering a door way you textured as a fence? I tried using toggle opacity on both sides and that didnt work.

27th Nov 2002, 12:35
1) you should build 4 room in total: two room linked vertically on the left (for example) two on the right.

So when you create an horizonal door among the two lower ones, you should create an horizontal door among the higher ones. In this way your "door" is in total built by two vertical polygons (or a series of two vertical polygons one next to another) and you can texture the higher one with a different texture of the lower one.

Beside this, if you create custom textures (or at least there are few official textures of the type I am going to tell) you can texture this kind of door with a really NICE trick. From the side of the two right rooms you can texture that door for example with a WINDOW. This texture shoulb be opaque for the colors you will se in game (example: the axis of the window) then PURPLE for the color you WON'T see in game (for example where the GLASS should be). In this way this texture will show a "window" with just axis and NO glass.

Now tha funny part. On the OTHER SIDE of the SAME door, this means from the side of the two LEFT rooms you can put another texture imitating the GLASS! This texture is the "complete opposite" of the previous one. Where in the previous one you had the axis you use the PURPLE color, where on the first one there was the purple color, you can now draw with something imitating the glass. So now APPLY this texture on that side using the TRANSPARENT and DOUBLE SIDED features.

The SUM of all of this will be something like that: a WINDOW with axis shaping the window itself with some transparent parts with even a glass: that is, for the player, just one polygon with some opaque and transparent parts at the same time... a nice effect :)

2) use the toogle opacity (one) on both the sides, but NOT the toogle opacity two. If this does NOT work, you need to put a CEILING up above the gate (even invisible and even on just one of the two sides of the door).