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27th Nov 2002, 05:12
Still Twiddling.....................................
Gosh sorry for being out this huge while.... guess twiddling is addicting!

Seriously, I've been busy with graduation stuff and hardly had any time/patience to get onto the web.

Hey Maggie, I'm so sorry :(
:) My overall opinion about PE is the following:

The story is great, tho the weird end.
Game play is damn cool, but the regen station stuff tends to be too patronizing - i mean, it is not cool knowing you never really die in the game.
Graphics are gorgeus!
The ending is strange but kind of interesting, I really was expecting something else...

Changing the subject, Max Payne is utter fun. I started Deus Ex but quit at the second level... I guess I'm much more a 3rd person gamer (even in PE i played only 3rd person) I'll continue it some time anyway. I have a few games to finish first hehe. Right now, i'm playing the old Commandos - some levels are anoyingly hard but I'll finish it soon.

The games I'm desperate to play are:

The new TR
Hitman 2
HD 2

............when i finish twiddling, sure!

By the way, hi rook :) Bye :D

27th Nov 2002, 06:32
graduation already???

Oh wait. U go to college or university right?

Congrats either way :)

I got some new games too :)

I got No One Lives Forever 2, 007: NightFire, Deus Ex (Got to the 3rd level and decided to start over cause i finally figgured how it works :) ).

I'm stuck with NightFire (in the good way) But you know its bond :)

You have X-Ray glasess (sun glasses that have 3 modes, Xray, NightVision and InfraRed (heat)). And when you look at people, men look like skeletons holding a gun and women look like skeletons wearing.. em.. lengerai :) (i forget how its spelled. but im refering to the "fancy" underwear for women).


Good thing you cant see skin :)

They did a really good job creating Pierce Brosnan's characteristics in the game. Im trying to find pics now...

Goto this site to see a picture of the game's James Bond (might want to zoom): <click here> (http://www.ea.com/eagames/official/007_nightfire/gameinfo/bond.jsp?track=track1)

And here's a pic of pierce brosnan: <click here> (http://us.imdb.com/EGallery?source=ss&group=0143145&photo=fcstil_1088.jpg&path=pgallery&path_key=Brosnan,+Pierce)

I'm pretty sure he does his voice aswell (the voice of james bond).

Either that ore we have a good Brosnan imatater :)

27th Nov 2002, 09:53
Welcome back, Invader!! http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/aktion/aktion030.gif

Woohoo!! Graduating, huh? Congratulations!!http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/party/party050.gif

And you've still been twiddling all this time?:eek: Your thumbs have to be numb by now! LOL:D

My only new games lately are BloodRayne, Spider-Man, TR2, SimCity 2000, and the collector's edition boxed set of Blood Omen/Soul Reaver/Fighting Force. I'm looking forward to the new TR game, too! I'd also like to get my hands on Devil May Cry 2, when it comes out.:)

Good to see ya back on the forums! http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/grinser/grinser003.gif

28th Nov 2002, 03:41
"new game" SimCity2000 ????? :eek: Gosh. That was old when I was young :) (well.. maybe not..)

Forget about numb thumbs, what about his stomach :eek:

(if u consider he never stoped twidiling thumbs, then its very likely he didnt eat either :) dunno about you but im more concerned for his stomach ;) )

goes and prepares a 920 layerd chocolate cake

Damn. I ran out of 918 sorts of chocolate!!!

:o~ sigh.. I guess it will have to be a 2 layerd cake.. :(

some one walks into the room

Wow. Even Deanna Troi heard me :D

28th Nov 2002, 06:34
Originally posted by mrdefender
"new game" SimCity2000 ????? :eek: Gosh. That was old when I was young :) (well.. maybe not..)

I meant "new" as in I just bought the game a few days ago. :D

And there's nothing quite like chocolate overkill after an extended period of thumb twiddling. It'll either satisfy you or make you thoroughly sick. ;) :D

28th Nov 2002, 19:35
How much was it? under 10$?

As for the cake, he should be alright if he eats very slowly (like not normal speed or super speed but slower than normal).

If your stranded on a island for a month, get rescued and stuff. You dont go eating a steak in 30 seconds. u gotta give ur body time to adjust to eating :)

28th Nov 2002, 20:07
Yeah, I think it was about $10 or so. I got it the same time I got Tomb Raider 2. I haven't really had a chance to play either of them, though, coz I'm still playing around with Spidey. :D

I don't know if eating slow will help. I've had days when I wouldn't eat for the whole day, then I'd try to eat something the next day and it would make me sick. I can't image what would have happened if I had tried to eat cake right off the bat after not eating anything in awhile.:eek: Maybe he should ease back into things with a liquid lunch.

Hey! I know! Give me the cake, I'll go get the blender!

;) :p :D

28th Nov 2002, 20:16
Don't be sorry Invader, we all have our own likes and dislikes.;)

Like you, I think the ending was strange. I think it could have been better, maybe with a family get- together for Minoko and her father, after so long apart I am sure they would have had oodles to say to one another.:eek:
A bit of an anti- climax, was my first impression. :D

Good to see you again.:)

(BTW..The edit in your first post was because of so many ......s in the thread title, made the page far to wide.);)

29th Nov 2002, 05:14
Hi mrdefender :)

LOL neither. I was talking about the 1 year course I took in Salvador.
I'm military.

Thanks for the link, the site is cool and the game looks worth of a check out. 007NightFire sounds quite interesting!

Thanks Rook :) Guess both my tumbs and stomach are numb LOL

Good to hear you like TR too! This time I'll won't wait for it
being publish here (it took too loooooooooooooooong for PE), I'll
have to get it somehow as soon as it is out.

Hi sweet Maggie :)

:( My bad! sorry for the dots... twiddling, you know :D

Yeah, the end IS strange, but I have to admit that that robot
with the toys had made me curious, that's why I said it was kind
of interesting, you know - I was surprised.

See you guys :D

29th Nov 2002, 07:00
They wouldnt have much to talk about in the "fill me in" catagory. Miniko's father was stuck in time. (i think Carter said it was a time dialation field or the sort).

Not much happens when your stuck in time :) As for miniko, she'd have plenty. She's what? 10-15 years older than when her father last saw her?

Better go take a drink Mr. Miniko, this will take a while ;)

29th Nov 2002, 10:02
Well, so much for being surprised by the ending. ;) Kidding. :p :D

Heck, I still haven't gotten too far into PE, yet.:o

Actually, Invader, I'm just starting to get into TR. I haven't really played any of the games before, and I just got my hands on TR2. It's a little on the quirky side, as far as the controls go, so that'll take some definite getting used to. I'm working on it, though. I really would like to get the new TR game when it comes out, but I probably won't have much extra money left by the end of the holidays. :D

30th Nov 2002, 02:20
I've finished nightfire 5 times. And I just got it last week :)

First time I just breezed thru to see how the game is played (where to go and such) now im looking for secrets and bond moves.

30th Nov 2002, 03:49
Funny stuff was that Minoko's dad was so quick-thinking and accepted the facts so easily... :/

I have played all TR games, but the game color version - buying the gadget only for one game would be too much, even to TR addicted like me.

As said before, controls are just a matter of practice. I remember quite well how dumb and clumsy I felt about PE moves. When I first played TR was the same. TR2 is my brother's favorite - and the end is unforgiven! It is the best end for a game I have ever played. But personally, I like TR3 a wee bit more. Any trouble playing it, just whine at the TR forum or even here and people will sure help.

By the way, what kind of trouble are you having with PE?


I have played Max Payne 3 times with no cheats. Sometimes I play some levels with cheats but it is not as fun as usual because you already know where every baddie lurks.

It weird when I was playing in god mode and managed to reach some policemen that shot at max at the 3rd chapter and found out they wouldn't die. Well, we were all cheating anyway.

30th Nov 2002, 04:42
I'm not really having trouble with PE, at least not now that I have a reasonable handle on the controls. I've just bought so many other games lately that it kind of got set aside for awhile. I'm stuck on the Spider-Man: The Movie game right now. It rocks!! :)

The controls on TR2 are giving me more trouble than any other game I've played. I've pretty much resolved to stay in the practice area until I'm comfortable enough with it to move on. The controls just seem a bit awkward.

Of course, it would make things a whole lot easier if the butler would quit getting in the way! :mad: ;) :D

30th Nov 2002, 11:56
Rook, it took me ages to get use to the controls in TR2, I think I played in the practice area longer than the game actually took me to complete.:D

Stay with it, it does get easier with practice..Trust me I am a moderator!:D :rolleyes:

30th Nov 2002, 20:07
I dont trust politicians :D But Id gladly make an exception for you Maggie :)

Im not sure how long I spent playing the game. It usually takes me 2-3 days to finish a game, so im gonna go with that. ;)

Invader> I didnt buy the game just for the gadgets. Its a bond game! Like come on! How many bond games are out on PC??!!

That and the fact the bond looks like bond in the movies (as mentioned in another post).

Movie was awesome too :)

1st Dec 2002, 00:21
Originally posted by Maggie
Rook, it took me ages to get use to the controls in TR2, I think I played in the practice area longer than the game actually took me to complete.:D

You spent all that time trying to dodge the butler, too, eh? :D

1st Dec 2002, 17:08
buttler? I thought you were playing TR and not Batman :)

Holy Posts Batman! We've been tied down by the 60 second limit!

1st Dec 2002, 22:06
That's just coz you have that superspiffy Net connection. I never have to worry about the 60 second limit, coz it takes that long to load a page.:D

I'm kidding. It's not quite that bad.;)

Actually, I was trying to play TR2 again last night, and I actually managed to get the butler locked in the house. That was fun. Didn't have to deal with him anymore.:D

Unfortunately, I think I'm gonna have to give up on the game before I've really even started. The controls are just that infuriating. I've spent God only knows how many hours trying to get them right, but the control system on the game is so touchy that I just end up failing at every turn. TR2 gets the award for giving me the biggest headache in the shortest amount of time. I'm being honest. The frustration really did give me a massive headache. When a game has that effect on you, it's time to put it away. :(

2nd Dec 2002, 03:41

Thats why I like PC games. You can (most of the time) fully customize the controls to your needs. (except for a few features)

2nd Dec 2002, 06:05
I don't even think trying the PC version would help much. The movement is just that awkward on it. Heck, I was playing a demo of TR3 today, and the controls are exactly the same on that. I probably won't get the next TR when it comes out, if the controls are anything like it's predecessors. They very likely will be, though, coz that's what all the fans are used to. Oh well... :(

3rd Dec 2002, 01:16
Thats what I hate about consoles.

Though it wont affect my plan to get a GameCube.

I just traded in The sims and all its expansions (except the latest one) and appx 5 more games for 125 bucks!!!

I'm more than half way there for the GC :)

I could afford it now but I have 95$ per month to pay for my comp and another 125$ for Cable (internet and TV). So thats over 200$ from my original 700. and I usually get a few games and pay for gas or tv dinners or stuff.

But im gonna see how much monney I can set aside to get the GC and a few games. (why buy a console when u cant afford games to go with it?)

(em.. I can afford games but If I buy the console, I wont have enough left to get games for it so it would be sitting in a box for a month)

3rd Dec 2002, 07:53
Oooohh, I wouldn't mind getting a GC myself. I'll probably have to wait until well into next year, though.:(

Tell me if it's worth it, will ya?:D

4th Dec 2002, 01:24
sure :)

I heard they remade the n64 controller for GC

I found the N64 controller the best controller for consoles. It was simple.

Well.. The NES controller was simple too :)

(A, B, Start, Select, Up, down, left, right :D)

The N64 was well created. the buttons were in the right place.

4th Dec 2002, 08:02
I like the PS2 controller pretty well, but that's just coz it's the only console controller I'm used to (unless the overly simplistic Atari joystick counts;)). I'd probably have a hard time using any other controller, even simpler ones, just because I'm so accustomed to the PS2's. :o

4th Dec 2002, 17:51
I know what yah mean.

It would be hard to "downgrade" to another controller.

em. if u dont know what downgrade means. its the opposite to upgrade. So upgrading means to go up in the chain of whatever. downgrading would be to go down in the chain of whatever.

So if I want to have my 2GHZ into a 2.6GHZ, thats upgrading
If i want my 2GHZ and turn it into a 1.6GHZ, thats downgrading.

Though I dont know why one would downgrade his computer..

But the principle is the same.

5th Dec 2002, 08:07
It truly boggles the mind...http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/sauer/sauer010.gif


5th Dec 2002, 22:42
well. its not that bad.. its more like :confused:


6th Dec 2002, 08:57

Yeah, I think http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/sauer/sauer010.gif is a bit closer to the headache I had at work today. :D

6th Dec 2002, 19:04
I can imagine how stressful ur job can be.

I'm a stress machine. ;)

7th Dec 2002, 09:34
Ah well, it wasn't that way when I started. It's just been more of a grind than usual since they downsized the staff. I'm on my feet constantly--which I actually enjoy (otherwise I might never have a reason to exercise;)). It's worrying about whether or not everything is perfect that gives me my worst headaches.:o

7th Dec 2002, 17:42
Eugh. not even the borg get to be perfect (they strive for perfection).

So they can be really picky :)

7th Dec 2002, 23:29
Oh, I'm a horrible perfectionist. I drive myself nuts.:o :)

8th Dec 2002, 01:27
I'm not too fussy on perfection. I like to stay organized however.

But im not a "clean freak" so to speak, my bedroom will colaborate that :)

I just like to keep my stuff in my spots. My bedroom isnt a hotel but its organised... enough... :)

I got too much stuff. plus I got the printer that my dad and sis print with, so they're in my room often and "borrow" stuff then they "forget" to bring it back.

I can always find my stuff.

Ask me where my <office tool> is. Come on :)

Give me your best shot!! :D

Im so organised I bought a 20pack of staples and i havent even finished the first box yet :)

i'm not even halfway thru it.

8th Dec 2002, 01:57
Ah well, my room is kind of a mess--but I blame part of that on my job.:D The fact is, I find things better in a mess. If I straighten it up at all, I lose track of everything. It's not dirty though. I sweep and dust and all that. It's just a little unorganized.:D

OK, so where's the pencil sharpener?;)

8th Dec 2002, 03:38
I dont have a pencil sharpener. I use pens or the computer. :)

anything else u wanna know where it is :)

The only thing that would be hard to find is specific CDs. I have so many of em. They're at the back of my room in CD towers so id would take a while to find em.

i got like 200 cd's in my room alone.

15 of those are music CD's :)
10 of those are software
the rest is games, old games.

I have Cyclones. Its a DOS game. I cant play it on XP :D

But who can u trade with a DOS game? EB wont take it. Its too old.

8th Dec 2002, 07:25
OK, so where's your hole punch?;) :p

I don't have very many games for PC--and most of the ones I have, I haven't even played. I just end up buying them coz their low priced. :o :)

8th Dec 2002, 18:06
My hole puncher thingy is at the top of my screen, to the right.

(i got like "boxes" that came with my desk that i put stuff in it)

9th Dec 2002, 00:57
Ok, so how about the staple remover? :D

9th Dec 2002, 05:52
My staple remover is in one of those multi-office tool holder that spins things...

(can hold pens and stuff)

I have pens, a 1 hole puncher, scisors highlighters (Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, and ofcourse, yellow), Scotch tape (not sure if i spelled that one right), one of those sticky bookmarks.

I also got one of those, em.. err. Its on the tip of my tongue... Those paper holders thingy. and those non-paper holder paper holder thingys.

Paper clip!! And those non-paper clip paper holders which i have no clue what its called.

It has 2 "arms" that u use to force open a clip and put stuff in between em and let go so it holds the paper then u can fold down the thing so its even with the paper.

I also got Liquid paper on there too.

9th Dec 2002, 06:29
What, you mean binders or something? :confused:

9th Dec 2002, 06:30
no. eugh. i cant figgure out the name of it. ill have to ask my dad 2morrow.

i g2g (ill let u reply to these and ill reply later today.. (its pass midnight :) )

9th Dec 2002, 06:41
Nighty night then. I still have no clue what you're talking about.;) :D


No snoring allowed... :p

9th Dec 2002, 16:58
Ill take a look at buisness depot online to see if i can find it :)

Binder Clips!!!!



Ofcourse, it was one of the last I checked. (as in it wasnt the firsts). I also glanced thru some other catagories...

I never knew how complicated paper was. Anyways;


If u cant get it there (it asks for a postal code so it knows where to deliver so it might be store restricted...)

Go to Office Supplies, Office Essentials, Clips & Fasteners, Rubber Bands..., Binder Clips.

10th Dec 2002, 11:52
Ooohh, STAPLES! I love Staples (the store, I mean:p). They seem to be the only freakin' place on the planet that stocks the kind of pencil lead I draw with.

Having said that, they'll probably stop carrying it now...:o

10th Dec 2002, 19:51
its not my fault, u jinxed it :p


I like staples too, but some stuff is expensive there. A computer game is like 20$ cheaper at Electronics Boutique.

UT2003 is 60 (w/ tax) @ Eb and its 80 without taxes at Staples.

But where else can u find office supplies :)

Its not like they have em @ EB :D :rolleyes:

11th Dec 2002, 08:44
its not my fault, u jinxed it :p

Haven't you ever noticed that, though? Every time you start to like something, suddenly it's no longer available! That just happens waaay too often. :(

I love Staples, though. Sure they're expensive! Heck no, I'd never buy my games from there! But, I never have trouble finding my supersecret high-tech B2 pencil lead, and that's what really counts! :D

11th Dec 2002, 21:55
i go there mostly for labels, paper (various types) and binders (not the 3 ring thing but the ones that have 3 things at the back that folds into to each (3 of em and they each fold out into 2)).

Some times I get more computer markers (for cds and stuff) cause we go thru that like homer in a all u can eat restaurant :)

12th Dec 2002, 08:11
My needs are simple: just the pencil lead. I end up getting my drawing books at a dollar store or whatever. But the pencil lead has to be B2, and I can only get that at Staples, unless I want to "special order" it from somewhere else and wait for it to come in the mail. :rolleyes: :D

12th Dec 2002, 21:05
yah. when i had art classes at school u could only order some pencils from the art supplier the teacher works with.