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2nd Mar 2018, 17:10
Chloe's adventure in the mini-series may be over, but we still have one final episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

In this stand-alone episode, we will be given the chance to play as Max Caulfield, the original protagonist of Life is Strange, for one last time. (Also, the original voices of Max and Chloe will be in this bonus episode.) It will be released in March 6th. Remember, while discussing the episode after playing it, please, NO SPOILERS :D :thumb: And remember to have fun. :wave:

5th Mar 2018, 21:21
Okay, so I was able to play through "Farewell".

Going into an episode with young Max and Chloe, I didn't expect it to literally start off with a BANG! It was funny to see them act so goofy at that age, going on a treasure hunt, having fun together, all the while, taking photo's with William's camera along the way. We also get to explore the one part of the Price house we've never been to. The attic. I missed playing as Max. All that was missing was her rewind power. But she doesn't discover she has that for another five years.

So, it's on the day where William died, and Max is already aware that she and her parents are moving to Seattle. At first, I decided to try and tell Chloe the news, but then we started our little pirate adventure after listening to the message their 8 and 9-year-old selves left for them. I also find out some interesting things while being the same ol nosy Max. Joyce actually used to be a smoker (Never knew that about her), Chloe was already going to Blackwell Academy (What is the age limit they allow for students to attend there again?), and she got into trouble with a student there. Marisa, I think her name was? Oh, and by the way, they both owe plenty of dollars for the swear-jar.

The treasure that they managed to find was actually a time capsule. Letters, predictions, invention ideas, even Billy the Squid. There's even pictures of them that dates back to 2001. Oh goodness, they were just so cute at a young age. Then again, most kids usually are. And then I was finally given one last chance to break the news to Chloe. I was worried it would ruin the day for them, but I decided that it would better to say something about it right then and there rather than have her find out about it later. So, I chose to tell her. She took it better than I anticipated her to. Mostly because she already knew about it since their parents aren't good with keeping secrets from them. She spent the whole trying to have as much fun as she can with her best friend before they had to say goodbye.

But then, the tragic moment came. Joyce arrived and told her daughter that William just died. At least Max got to attend his funeral with them before she left with her parents (who, I might add, just made their first physical appearance in the game.) And then, Chloe finds one last message left by Max on the tape player, saying goodbye. It was so sad. I really hoped to see one final cutscene with Max all grown up and arriving at the airport in Oregon to return to Arcadia Bay. Oh well.

I was secretly hoping we would get an opportunity to alter history a little, even though Max doesn't have her rewind yet. By that, I mean that after hearing the tragic news about William, then Max would learn in her old home that she'll be moving to Seattle with her family if her dad gets the job there, since that was the main reason why they're moving. And then we would be given a choice to either secretly destroy her dad's work so he won't be able to get the job at Seattle, therefore, she won't have to move, or let history run its course and let him get that job. But, it was not meant to be.

All things considered, I'm glad that we were given an opportunity to see them together again to be pirates. And it was great to hear Ashly Burch and Hannah Telle reprise their roles as Max and Chloe for one last time.

9th Mar 2018, 05:26
When I first heard of this bonus ep, I’m super hype to include the scene from the original into this part for the timeline.

Thet’s when Chloe, Max and Chloe’s after

Tried to watch as events go by without interference and add to the video

That was before I realised the Farewell is on the same day...
Which I spotted a mistake at the very beginning.

Why they think her mom is downstairs... it’s possibly to try and throw off the players from thinking it’s on the same day.

I love the episode as it shows us what happened even though we knew it roughly.

Unlike some others I’m not expecting something new , more like closure.

It’s like a photo album where were reminiscing of what happened in the past.
We might think we know already but whenever I look back I keep getting reminded about something that slip my memory of it.

Refreshing the event back into our minds. :)
Who knows, maybe the sequel will start with someone looking at an old album. ;)


28th Mar 2018, 15:40
Played it today was a very Nice story and was fun to play