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Medical Grey
27th Nov 2002, 00:53
A large amount of stations and ships are clustered around a single star. One turns towards it and begins to steal energy and the others do so as well. They then transmit the energy into the biggest space station there. <Millions of peeps scramble to their stations as they then activate the energy towers and begin to hyperspace out of that segment of reality>
Me: Helm, how long until we reach the warp gate?
Helm: 3 solar rotations sir.
Me :All crew you have 3 solar rotations to rest and relax before we reach our destination!

27th Nov 2002, 08:55
We already have an RPG, if you want to excercise your creativity, go post there :p

27th Nov 2002, 21:18
What he said:D


stop reading and post on the RPG: Peace time

I said stop reading


27th Nov 2002, 21:48
< fire several nukes at the warp gate making it explode.


28th Nov 2002, 14:19
Lets just say that you still have much to learn in the ways of RPG Making, for the time being, Post in RPG: Peace Time, You're perfectly welcome :)

Medical Grey
29th Nov 2002, 08:14
It's actually an rpfic

29th Nov 2002, 08:47
Originally posted by Medical Grey
It's actually an rpfic

You certainly didn't make that obvious in the title or the first post, from what we see, we see another RPG that seems to be completely deviod of background story. At least Arctic tried to put some sort of story into ours.

29th Nov 2002, 17:26
Press's the undo button several times