View Full Version : TRII intro/demo question

26th Nov 2002, 22:44
I know this ? is old, I haven't had a comp. for very long though. I was never able to find the key in the intro/demo part of TRII for the secret door in Lara's room. I never got to play very long because I always had to fight off hubby and 3 kids to play so I gave up. It drove me nuts! And not being able to find the key, too! Any problems playing the old TR series on PSII? Getting one for Christmas.

L Croft
27th Nov 2002, 10:47
There isn't a key to that door in the house level at the beginning, you have the key in the home sweet home level at the end of the game.

27th Nov 2002, 13:01
That's right; you don't get this key until the very last level...

27th Nov 2002, 20:11
And then you are really glad you have it! :D