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26th Nov 2002, 19:48

It's been a while since I did something with the leveleditor and I notice I really have to get into it again.

I'm doiing some test but now Lara's animations for climbing and monkeyswing are not right (she disappears in the wall, and kind of 'jinks' around.)
Somebody seen this before who knows how to solve it?


26th Nov 2002, 20:14
You have to download the revised wads from Eidos. Check the TRLE Faq and Community (not sure if it's there) or the main Eidos site.

26th Nov 2002, 21:45
You can download them here too:


from www.leveleditor.com. The file is 11.2 MB but its worth it!

26th Nov 2002, 21:55
If the revised WAD's are to big for your modem you can use the LARA of the "Inside Menkaure's Pyramid" level. I always use this one and all anims I ever needed were included in that one.

26th Nov 2002, 22:04
Yeah that will probably work. But the revised wads will make sure the animations work, butyeah use can use that WAD.

26th Nov 2002, 23:41
Thnx for the response..

I am using the revised wads.

as a test I made a new wad with only the Lara stuff in it.
Renamed the Tut1 script and builded two rooms with the editor to see if things worked fine after struggeling with Tr2wad and wadmerger.
Lara did not want to move unless I placed the startpos. nullmesh on her square and the climb and monkeyswing anims did not work as described above.

The strange thing is: When I load another (original) wad in the project file it does not help, which makes me think it has to do with the script but I can't find the mistake I must have made.

Thnx again,

27th Nov 2002, 19:17
Re-installed everything and things work fine now.

Dunno what went wrong, but something must have got corrupted somewhere...

Thnx for the tips.