View Full Version : Where can I find the audio for tr1

26th Nov 2002, 18:09
I do not have tr1 for the pc and I loved the audio from it. I want to put some of the music in my new level but I only have tr for the playstation. Is there any place I can get it without having to ripp the audio from the cd?


Tomb Raider Fan
26th Nov 2002, 19:28
I don't no anywhere u can download it from, but all u have to do is download "PsxMC" and u then insert the tr1 discand extract it.. it works really well, i extratced over 700 sounds from silent hill ;)

26th Nov 2002, 22:19
Thanks I may have to do that.

27th Nov 2002, 08:43
D'day Cornchild

Try this place Meode Productions (http://www.meode.com/). They are the Guys who wrote the original score for TR 1,2 and 3 and have some of the audio available for download ;)


27th Nov 2002, 17:12
Thanks I found most of the ones I needed. The only one that I need now is the sound it played in tr1 when lara was about to attempt a trap. You know that little dangerous sound.