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Lady in Black
26th Nov 2002, 16:25
Hey, just want to let you guys know that I haven't left the forums. Boy, I had a busy month. How is everyone? Also btw, will anyone be willing to give me an interesting post that I myself would find it interesting to reply. I don't know what to write around here anymore. :(

Munin the Raven
27th Nov 2002, 04:37

There's been a general case of the slumps around here for several months now. After the summer months it really dived to an all-time low (lower than I've seen it in over three years since I've been a member at least) and a lot of us are just getting "Thiefed out".:p We've found other games, any news of Thief III seems a long ways coming, and there's a lot of pressure on people in general this year with the "economy woes" as some put it.

The good news is that a Thief III <i>is</i> in the works. For how long though is anyone's guess.:p

27th Nov 2002, 06:52
Do the people that are working on Thief 3 know how we're all feeling about this? Do they understand that we don't want to be kept in the dark in an attempt to hype us up in anticipation of something special? We WANT news. I've got a feeling that by the time it comes out, we'll all have moved on. We're already starting to. So if ION Storm want to keep the loyal fans of the Thief series till Thief 3 is released, they're really going to have to offload some information to us soon. It's not like we haven't been patient!!! ;)

So, how about it? And who do we tell this to??!!?!?! :rolleyes:

Lady in Black
27th Nov 2002, 17:34
Yeah, I see what you both are talking about. I guess the reason I don't have anything to write about because we haven't been hearing alot of news about Thief 3. I suppose we should have a spy to watch over ION Storm and see what they've been up to. Then there we could know alot more about Thief 3 without even ION Storm even telling us.
muhahaha! Aren't I bad? lol:p