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24th Feb 2018, 23:30
So I played Rise of the Tomb Raider twice now and I don't understand Trinity, I know they are kind like the Templars from Assassin's Creed... But I atleast understand their motivations since day one, Trinity on the other hand.

Why do they believe they do Gods work or is that Constantine? Why do they believe they should control humanity? What directions do they want to take humanity? what is their ideology? How much control do they want to force on the World? How did they come up with these ideas? Can someone answer this please, thank you!

2nd Mar 2018, 16:56
Well, that's part of the problem with Trinity. They've appeared in the novel, The Ten Thousand Immortals; a couple of the comic arcs and Rise, and yet we don't know that much about them. They're an ancient organisation and clearly religiously motivated as shown with their relentless pursuit of Jacob, the 'false prophet' and his people though it's unclear what they wanted with the Divine Source. Their goals in the novel and comics appeared to be to cover up/destroy evidence of the supernatural/immortal. At least that's the impression I got.

Konstantin and Ana had their own selfish reasons for wanting the DS. Ana to restore her health and Konstantin was the one who wanted to raise up an army and lead it. They also knew Trinity wouldn't let them keep it. Perhaps Trinity would have also destroyed the artefact, so Lara effectively did them a favour? It's really unclear what the leaders of Trinity want. I didn't get the impression they want to control humankind. Perhaps that's something I missed in my own play throughs. What their ultimate goal is or what their ideology is, is unclear. Perhaps these questions will be answered in the next game.