View Full Version : Happy Thanksgiving...be back soon.

26th Nov 2002, 14:17
Off for a few days to visit the parents and some other family for Thanksgiving. For all you Thanksgiving celebrating taffers, have a great time munching and visiting.

I'll be watching football too. The Cowboys are my team so I'm looking forward to facing Washington Thursday. We've beaten Wash. the last 8 games in a row so to continue the streek would make the turkey taste that much better.

Time to taff off....



26th Nov 2002, 14:50
Ditto for me too....I may not be able to visit for at least a week. So until then, Have a Great Thanksgiving Holiday!

And Slyfoxx, have you been reading the LAG lately???? You turned me in to the Templar as the murderer......traitor.

26th Nov 2002, 15:00
To all the Turkey Taffers out there. :p Happy Thanksgiving. :D

Whatz His Name
26th Nov 2002, 16:59
YES, Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there. To the rest of the world, have a fun and peaceful November 28th.