View Full Version : Climbing to the top

17th Feb 2018, 14:47
Wanted to try something but not sure if it will actually work atm so once again started the game over.

While you're climbing the ice at the beginning of the game when you get knocked off the ridge and you when Jonah catches you, when you start swinging to try to get to the ice on the other side, he says the rope is slipping. I'm just curious if you don't swing fast enough, does he actually drop you?

Kind of a random question, but again just curious :)

17th Feb 2018, 19:04
Yes, Lara will fall at that point. It happened to me once when I wasn't paying attention :lol:

17th Feb 2018, 22:33
It's funny...I mean you'd think that if Lara would fall the tether would catch her...unless the rope breaks? But again there are things in this game that makes no sense in terms of physics. I came across a couple but can't remember off the top of my head ;)