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26th Nov 2002, 00:54

Thorin Oakenshield
26th Nov 2002, 01:01
Caption: Terrorist falls from plane!:D

Thorin Oakenshield
26th Nov 2002, 01:04
Man in background: I told him there was no water in the pool...

26th Nov 2002, 01:35
"The first Taliban missile."

26th Nov 2002, 03:08
Achmed's family, unable to afford a full burial, took out a 3rd mortagage on their cave so that they may bury their fathers' head. In 3 years, they will be able to bury him up to this belly button...

26th Nov 2002, 12:30
"Ya know, I never believed Mohammed when he said that the funeral home director is blonde"

Thorin Oakenshield
26th Nov 2002, 18:19
"I think he's going a little too far with his Ostrich impersonation."

27th Nov 2002, 07:14
"Ethiopians... is there anything they won't do for food?"

27th Nov 2002, 17:52
LOL people...very funny stuff :D

"How many times have I told you, If you want to be a Catburgler, you need a ledge to walk on to get into that window."

Ta and Good Hunting!

28th Nov 2002, 06:36
Ghandi's lesser-known brother Ghundu, the breakdancing mystic.

Wow CD, where do you find this stuff? LOL

28th Nov 2002, 18:18
man shows his family how his dog likes to dig in the dirt.:D

edit: or, "new way to praise allah," demontrates instructor.

28th Nov 2002, 18:51
{obscure}I *told* him you can't do head-spins in a Devo hat, but would he listen?{/obscure}

{obsure fact}Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo now composes and performs the Rugrats music{/obscure fact}

Edit: to make it slightly less obscure, here's a dude in a Devo hat:


Or, for all our devoted Linux fans:


23rd Dec 2002, 03:55
So who's the winner of this one Chief?

What does the winner get? free lifetime access to the eidos chat forums? :p