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13th Feb 2018, 03:08
I bought this game a few days ago and took me ages just to get somewhere because most walkthroughs weren't the least bit helpful, until I found one that actually got me past the loggers camp.

Now I'm at the flame thrower boss which is quite difficult especially because I'm not a hardcore gamer.

Does this guy have a weakness of some kind? I'm just wondering if it would be worth running around shooting his gas tank.

Also, one more thing I want someone to clarify (not about boss though). Some games do allow you to load chapters or w/e once you activate them...but I guess it's not possible to reload a previously activated base camp, is it? Just curious.


15th Feb 2018, 13:38
He is a bit of a brick.
Not sure about a weakness, but logically shooting the tank would work? However; If possible, I would recommend going full stealth in that area - you won't have to fight him and can simply skip past him unharmed.

If you mean can you erase all of your progress back to an earlier camp, then no (I don't think so). You can essentially do that once you've finished the game via chapter select (or whatever it's called in Rise)

15th Feb 2018, 19:53
Shooting his gas tanks is precisely what you're meant to do. It's quite difficult, but you pretty much have to hop around him like a mad thing until you're behind him and then try and get a few shots in, preferably with the shotgun. I assume you're at the part that I don't think you can avoid him, because I think this one is introduced via a cut scene. Unless ABH is right and stealth allows you to avoid triggering him.

16th Feb 2018, 08:01
No, you can totally avoid him;

17th Feb 2018, 14:25
I watched the video but unfortunately that didn't help. Maybe because I already triggered the cutscene? I did try to run away from him but A) he followed me and still hit me with his flame thrower and B) I didn't find anywhere I could go (to skip him)...so maybe at this point I have to beat him... I did start a new game though but have trouble, ironically, on a part I had not much trouble with previously lol.

I've also read a thread someone else posted as well and I was right that you'd have to shoot the gas tanks. The major problem is that I don't know how I can get around him (just as I thought). Any more tips would be appreciated if anybody has any? If not I'll try to skip him when and if I can get back to this part (with the new game). Thanks.

17th Feb 2018, 19:01
Ah, once triggered, I don't think you can avoid him. Iirc, you're in a sort of enclosed space? I may be thinking of something else. Your best best is run rings around him rolling and jumping to be faster (he's slower than Lara). Or jump over him to get behind him and be quick. It's the best advice I've got. :o.

17th Feb 2018, 22:38
Thanks anyway. I started a new game any way (a second time). Unfortunately there's a bugger of a part that seems to be harder. I passed it once but second time around I had more difficulty. Gonna see if I can get some mushrooms and poison arrows which should help (hopefully).

If I manage to get to Geothermal Valley again I'll try to roof-jump. Thanks for all the suggestions :)

PS. Does anyone else get it that sometimes doing something second time around seem a lot harder than previously? Happened in another game I used to play...somethings there are some parts that seem easy but second time around they're a lot harder...but perhaps it's because you don't remember how you initially did it? Also happened with the bear until I found an easy way to outrun it lol

24th Feb 2018, 05:52
A day or so ago I FINALLY did the nasty little bugger of a part...turns out a shrapnel granade can kill 2 guys at once if they're close enough togetherh lol...although I did run out of ammo during one of the last guys...can't remember if I ended up melee him or not....but to the point.

How can I sneak past all the fighters? (Back in Geothermal Valley.) I looked absolutely everywhere I could and once again the walkthroughs I found were pretty pointless. I did watch the other video a couple times but unfortunately they didn't start from the beginning. One thing that puzzles me is that in their video the water is blue but in my game it's swamp.

I did look everywhere I could think of in the swamp but I'm at a loss. Anyone know where to go? The swamp in my game tells me I'm in the right place but the blue water in the other person's game (who did the video) tells me I'm in the wrong place causing them to contradict each other...unless I'm missing something. Also, I did have a backup saved game (thankfully) so I decided to try fight the soldiers but skip the flamethrower boss...didn't work so I reloaded my backup game...


24th Feb 2018, 09:59
Is this where you first get the shotgun?
Because if so, then my bad - you can't sneak past that part.

You should just literally be able to unload a few shotgun blasts into the flamethrower guy and he should go down.

fyi; I'm going to merge this thread with your other one

EDIT: From 6:40 onwards, yeah? At 9:30 the cutscene kicks in for the flamethrower guy

26th Apr 2018, 19:06
This is a reason for buying the grenade launcher before starting this sequence. As an alternative to using the shotgun, switch to the rifle and toss a grenade near the firefly's feet. Usually 3 grenades will be enough to take him out. Another alternative is to switch to the bolt action rifle at the prior camp, keeping some distance from the firefly, and sniping the firefly's gas tanks with the bolt action rifle. I don't know if the bolt action rifle works well on the higher difficulty levels.