View Full Version : Mountain Peak Chapter Replay - speed runner challenges possible?

9th Feb 2018, 01:29
I'm trying to complete all the extra challenges in the various expeditions modes and I've just finished all the score attack ones (although a few required you to use an out of bounds glitch to achieve).

After finishing I noticed there were some stages in chapter replay that were not available in score attack and that these also had some challenges (thankfully not as many though).

So I played through the first stage in chapter replay, Mountain Peak, which has 4 challenges, Deathless and Speed Runner 1,2, and 3. Having played through the stage multiple times I can't seem to get any of the speed runner challenges despite completing the stage as fast as I think I can go (wall jumping on ice walls instead of just climbing, sprinting when possible, skipping cutscenes etc.)

Does anyone know if there is a known issue with these challenges on the Mountain Peak stage or if there is some faster way to complete the stage that I don't know about?