View Full Version : PS4 controller buttons on Steam version of FFXII TZA

6th Feb 2018, 17:57
I'm playing FFXII TZA Steam version since the launching 5 days ago (2018.02.01 - YYYY.MM.DD). I'm using a PS4 controller attached to my PC via USB cable, but the buttons shown on screen are from the Xbox controller (ABXY) instead of the PS4 buttons (Square, circle, etc). Now that I have access to the "Quickenings" this is jeopardizing my gameplay because I have to "mentally translate" the Xbox buttons shown on screen to my PS4 controller. I hope you fix this bug ASAP. As an example, the game "Batman Arkham Knight" on Steam correctly shows the PS4 buttons on the screen. Thanks in advance.

10th Feb 2018, 14:07
Hey man, how are you...
I was facing the same problem that I fixed in a simple way. I don't know if will work to you, but is good to give a try... When I started the game, the in-game keys was showed in the PS(X) model like original PS2 version. After change some configurations on the x360 emulator and Steam Controller, the game startd to show the Xbox controller keys... After a couple of tries I finally managed to find a solution, but first let me explain the "whys": The Steam Controller dont uses the Xbox model, it uses the Steam Controller model that has the same action keys (ABXY). When I configured some options, I activated the Steam Controller on Steam, that turns the in-game keys into the Steam Controller model. SO to fix this I just DEACTIVATED the Steam Controller emulation (path on the end of the post) and my problem was fixed! The in-game keys turn into the PS(X) version again and I could back to play like the PS2 original version... I hope that helps you and fix you problem. If so please reply just to let me know :)

FIX PATH: Enter Steam Big Picture > Game Library > Select FFXII TZA > Manage Game > Controller Options (not configuration) > In the fist option select "Keep Deactivated" > Save & Play (have fun)!