View Full Version : Way to go & Golden Child achievements stuck at 93% (xbox one)

28th Jan 2018, 18:06
With all the dlc I have 32/32 gold medals on the leaderboards but the tracker is stuck on 93%.

I have tried deleting my save file, deleting my profile, reinstalling the game and doing a few score attacks over again but none helped. Also checked the mission replay for Mountain Peak and Hunting Grounds and have gold medals on those aswell.

Is this a bug? Because the achievements should be at a 100%

Anyone got a fix or any suggestions for this?

30th Jun 2018, 19:39
it's a ******* joke. they put 141 achievements in this piece of **** and haven't been >****ED< to fix 2 broken achievements, so noone on pc or xbox one x can get it done, *****.

apparently the only work around is to play it on a normal xbox without the 4k update as it's that which causes the problem. All I can say though, with forza horizon 4 and resident evil 2 comming out, **** shadow.

11th Sep 2018, 07:11
Apparently this Bug only occurs on the flagship model Xbox One X and is caused by an 4k Update.

The only Solution if they not finally fix that bug is to purchase an Xbox One S to play some missions there (of course unacceptable).

I won't start playing the game till this has been fixed, because i can't stand bugged achievements, i rather never play the game.

If this isn't fixed ASAP i will trade in my unopened copy of the Game!

I also already pre-purchased Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but seems i will first need to check for bugged achievements there too before starting it, a pity but if they not care then trust vanishes.

10th Oct 2018, 13:41
I can't get these two achievements for about a year now :) I will not buy Shadow of Tomb Raider or any other Square Enix game if you not going to fix this