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Ardeth Silvereni
25th Nov 2002, 21:01
This has been bugging me for a while. I can't decide which of these spellings is correct, and I was hoping I could sort it out once and for all with everyone's assistance. :p

What do we call our dear Alchemist?

Anacrothe is the most popular variation I've seen. I used to use it myself until recently. I think this is the version printed on the 'Tokens' page of the BO1 manual.

Anarcrothe is the variation I generally use now. It is how it is spelt on the Silicon Knights website in the Blood Omen FAQ.

To resolve this, I tried looking at the Blood Omen credits (PC version). Unfortunately it gave the spelling as Anacroth, so I'm even more stuck than before.

I was just wondering if anyone knew what the real spelling is supposed to be, or if not, I wanted to find out what the most widely accepted version was.

Thanks for your help on this trivial, but annoying matter. :)

25th Nov 2002, 22:26
It's "Anacrothe"(or "Nauzhinger"! =)) in the script:


Of course, "Sarafan" is also spelled "Serafan," so take it with a grain of salt.

25th Nov 2002, 23:14
Its "Anacrothe" in the BO cluebook. But the BO cluebook is full of lies so this is just more salt.

Ardeth Silvereni
25th Nov 2002, 23:21
Thanks blincoln. I didn't see your latest update. :)

... but, in the scanned dialogue page, it's spelt Anarcrothe, with the extra 'r'


Anyway, I'm glad to see Vorador's Brides, and Nupraptor's serving girl on the NPC list. I guess that confirms who was speaking on several pieces of cut dialogue. I'm also interested in the reference to Vorador as a Vampire 'Prince' here and in the Brides' speech. I wonder if that was dropped because of the BO1 prestige system? Prince was not too high on the list, yet Vorador was supposed to be a very great vampire.

26th Nov 2002, 00:36
Ah, you're right. I don't think it's spelled that way in the actual dialogue section though. I'll check tonight.

26th Nov 2002, 02:10
Does that say Bane the Ecomaster??

That page was cool!

Who is Lupo the Butcher? I don't remember him.

I like the new names way better than the old ones. :)

26th Nov 2002, 04:08
Old names seem very German/Dutch/Swiss, doesn't roll off the tongue quite the same way :)

26th Nov 2002, 04:09
Ecomancer (literally, "Earth magician") =).
I like the new names much better too.
"You! You are the Circle's traitor!"
"Not I, Nauhzinger!..."
It just doesn't have the same ring.
I think Lupo the Butcher is just one of the townspeople inside the buildings.

Umah Bloodomen
26th Nov 2002, 05:56
They just sound soooo evil when they speak. ;)

Did I mention Rammstein is my favorite band? *drool*

I've been using Anacrothe myself. Your variation with the additional 'r' struck me odd Ardeth :) , so I had to refer to the manual, because I thought I misspelled it for a second. :p

Potato, Poe-tot-o, Tomato, toe-mot-o I suppose. :p

Although Nauhzinger sounds rather cool IMO. LOL. ;)

Note, the second spelling of each word was to represent the different pronounciations not the actual spellings :p

26th Nov 2002, 15:11
Anybody with that name would always be the center of a joke :D


26th Nov 2002, 17:02
Crap, I need to think before I post. "Earth magician" would be "geomancer." I think "ecomancer" is more along the lines of "nature magician" or "life magician."

Umah: I agree about the way German sounds. I keep meaning to pick up more than the few words I already know from :wumpscut:, L'ame Immortelle, and Funker Vogt.

Umah Bloodomen
26th Nov 2002, 17:58
Originally posted by blincoln
Umah: I agree about the way German sounds. I keep meaning to pick up more than the few words I already know from :wumpscut:, L'ame Immortelle, and Funker Vogt.

Only the best kind of German if you ask me!

**hums Thorns***

Ardeth Silvereni
26th Nov 2002, 18:32
I love Rammstein too. Excellent band. I think my favourite tracks are 'Du Riechst So Gut', 'Du Hast' and 'Sonne', but I really like nearly everything I've heard. :D

I really like the German language and accent. I studied it at high school, but I think the main reason is because of my ancestory. My Grandad was German. I sometimes wonder if I should insist on my surname being pronounced in its German way rather than the English way. :p

I could never get to grips with French or Spanish.

I guess Anacrothe is the most accepted version of the Alchemist's name then. Unless the script dialogue clearly says otherwise (thanks for saying you'll check, blincoln :)), I think I'll alter all my references to him to use that spelling.

Umah Bloodomen
26th Nov 2002, 20:24
Originally posted by Ardeth Silvereni
I love Rammstein too. Excellent band. I think my favourite tracks are 'Du Riechst So Gut', 'Du Hast' and 'Sonne', but I really like nearly everything I've heard. :D

"Engel" is my favorite song, but I really enjoy all of them to be honest. I have all 3 albums, and 11 singles. :p (Mutter is my fav album).

I even got to see them live again last July on the Mutter tour and got to hang out with them after the show (as well as score some killer autographs) They are really cool people. (I didn't get to hang out with Christoph or Oliver because they decided to hide in the tour bus, but at least I got to see/talk to Till and Flake!).

I so rule. I can actually die a happy woman now.

26th Nov 2002, 22:26
I see some good music is being listened to on these forums. :)

German does have that certain edge to it, especially when used in such expressive manner. ;)
I heard nothing but good critiques about "Mutter" album, will have to pick it up myself.

Also, if you like Rammstein, you should check out Laibach, who influenced Rammstein to some degree, very artistic and quite political, part of the NSK.

And sorry for the off-topic post, I too use Anacrothe.

26th Nov 2002, 22:31
I like some of Laibach's music (although some of it just is completely weird), but their politics really put me off, so I don't buy their discs.

Umah Bloodomen
26th Nov 2002, 22:32
I am sure Kain would agree that another influencial force upon Rammstein would be that of KMFDM. :D

26th Nov 2002, 22:44
Originally posted by blincoln
I like some of Laibach's music (although some of it just is completely weird), but their politics really put me off, so I don't buy their discs.

Well they are not actually national-socialists, if that is what you mean, their music and imagery are merely a critique of totalitarian regimes and associated social structures, and promotion of NSK's art and philosophy.

And yes, Rammstein had many influences, Laibach were merely one of them. I think they even mentioned Metallica in one interview. :)

Umah Bloodomen
26th Nov 2002, 22:50
Johnny Lee Hooker is another influence (at least for Flake) ;)

I had to pop in the :wumpscut: album thanks to you, Blinc. ;)

**obligatory LOK reference***

Do you think ol' Nauhzinger likes Nitzer Ebb? :p

2nd Dec 2002, 00:40
I like Rammstein's music also.

I just scored all the songs from the "Sehnsucht" album. But something is wrong with the guy's CD burner, it screws up the very first song of every CD he burns, so I'll have to get him to let me borrow his CD so I can directly rip the first song, also called "Sehnsucht". I also grabbed some other Rammstein songs from Movie soundtracks like "XXX". And I also picked up a Rammstein song from a guy who let me copy songs on his computer using my portable hard drive.

Right now all my bills are paid off, so I went to a computer genius co-worker of mine and had him build me an awesome computer. It's a frankenstein of a machine, but all the parts are the best of the best. So I've got a totally awesome system for 1/3 the cost of what I would have spent if I purchased it at a store. My mom just bought a new computer for 3K, and I only spent 1K, but my computer is twenty times better that the deal she got. If she would have listened to me instead of being hard-headed, I would have gotten the guy to build a computer for her too.

Included in the deal is a portable MP3 player that can store up to four thousand songs. I can listen to it like a Walkman, and I can also plug it into my car stereo to listen to it while driving. I don't have to listen to any commercials, and I only listen to songs that I have CHOSEN to copy to my MP3 player. I'm liking this thing more and more as I add songs to it.

I've been using my CD burner and my scanner to create copies of CD's or to create custom CD's for people I know. Tons of people want a copy of a CD so that they can use the copy and avoid scratching the original. In return, they have been letting me rip their CD's to add to my collection.

Right now, I have over six hundred songs in my collection (Hey, I just started collecting this month, so it's a brand-new collection.) I'm on the look-out for anyone who will let me borrow their CD's to make copies of them, and in return, I will burn custom CD's from any songs in my collection.

I use a Web TV for access to the internet, I have to contact MSN and have them switch my account so that I also have Web TV for Windows. When I finally do get my computer connected to the net, I'll be looking for good sites I can get songs to add to my MP3 player.

Do any of you know any good sites that I can avoid problems like Napster had?

And also, what specifically was it that Napster was doing that set them apart from everyone else and made what they were doing illegal?

2nd Dec 2002, 16:24
Its 'Anacrothe' in the PC version of the BO game manual.

Ardeth Silvereni
4th Dec 2002, 21:10
Just when I think I've got it figured out (and after I've changed all my site references), I see this:
From Warp's famous Q&A's from Amy:
Q: Same with Anacrothe, he says serve us Morti or die. Morti then kills him.
When Anacrothe said this, he had just called Kain a monster, and everyone
else in the Circle is dead. So who is the US Anacrothe means?
A: Actually, Anarcrothe says "Stand with us, Mortanius, or die" (which is a little different than "serve us")
When he says "us," Anarcrothe also means the Circle as an entity -- but there's a deeper meaning, too, which hasn't been revealed.
I don't know what to think any more... :o :p

Umah Bloodomen
4th Dec 2002, 21:16
Well Amy has been dubbed "The Unspoken" in my shrines section...that could have been the Dark-Entity in her speaking out of whack. LOL :p

Just for the purpose of discussion and sanity's sake ;) let's just leave it with Anarcrothe being the Brittish version and Anacroth being the American version. Kind of like color vs. colour. LOL.

Please? I don't wanna change it on my site. :p

Alright, I will if I absolutely must....but it's going to have to wait until after the SR section is released. **sticks to her guns and pouts***

Keep it up and I'm calling him Nauhzinger...I am warning you...don't test me. :p LOLOLOL! ;)

Ardeth Silvereni
4th Dec 2002, 21:37
Ah, the sacrifices that must be made for accuracy! :p

I'll probably change my referances back to Anarcrothe now, but it'll have to wait. There is still no real proof what is the 'correct' version. All the manuals seem to spell it without the extra 'r'. I think I would prefer to be consistant with the SK site though. :)

Nauhzinger... It's a nice name, but a pain to pronounce. Don't you dare start using that! I'm struggling to remember which old name belongs to who.

Also, you lose that cool alliteration. Nauhzinger the Alchemist just doesn't work. :D His name has to begin with 'A'.

EDIT: How about... Arnold the Alchemist? Will that do? :D ;)

Lady Kreliana
6th Dec 2002, 09:14
Arnold? I like it. :D Makes him sound tough. LOL

16th Dec 2002, 19:48
Well now this was what I had been missing... at least for the first half of the thread... though Ardeth, I say insist on the German pronunciation of your name! I've started trying to put more of the umlaudt twist on it... "L├╝hrs" in the original German. (It's really rather fun... make an "ee" with your tongue and an "oo" with your lips, and that's pretty close!) My dad even grew up speaking both German and English in the area where he grew up - and this is something like fifth-generation American too! Mine was the first generation in our family to be divorced from that culture... a fact which has really hit home for me after the play I was in this fall, Translations by Brian Friel... hmm, maybe I need to go do a 'hello again' post over in the community forum, and stop contributing to off-topic wanderings...

And I have no idea on the name thing. I just had time to go to blinc's newly updated fan-damn-tastic site, and was going to suggest that, if he hadn't. Which he had. I'll shut up now. Good to be back...