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20th Jan 2018, 16:59
My name is Lucas and I am currently in my last year of studying game art and 3D animation in Frankfurt.

I am currently working on my bachelor thesis if navigational aids like a compass or a map within your HUD are always necessary or if game designers should rely more on the design of the world itself guiding the player subconsciously. The survival instinct Lara can use in Rise Of The Tomb Raider is a great example that both solutions can be combined with a simple feature. A user interface that can be turned on and off whenever necessary.

Because this is a rather personal opinion I decided to make a survey on it, trying to get as many different results on it as possible.

I hope you dont mind answering these very quick and simple questions.

You can find more information on the survey itself by clicking on the link below.

Thanks for helping me out. It means alot to me! :D

Feel free to ask me any questions or giving feedback.
My email: crestone95@yahoo.de

Thanks once again,


3rd Feb 2018, 21:17
Honestly survival instinct and tons of cues pointing out the direction to go - well it takes all the challenge and exploration out of the game. I want to be allowed to get lost. That's the fun in it