View Full Version : Issue to buy Before the Storm Pre Order

20th Jan 2018, 16:46
Good evening everyone,

I'm trying to buy the Before the Storm Vynil Pre Order from Brazil and ship it to a friend in Toronto - CANADA, but all credit cards i try return error below. BTW, the 3 credit cards are valid and usable...

"There is an error with your credit card. You may have mistakenly entered a wrong card number or a wrong security code (CVV). Please verify and correct your card details or thy another paymento method"

I just try VISA, MASTER CARD and AMEX international credit cards, but all return this error... I already call to my credit card operator, and dont have any problem with my cards... BTW, all credit cards are valid and usable in another websites...

Can u guys help me, please?

Waiting for answer...