View Full Version : HELP!! (Lara won't dive)

18th Jan 2018, 21:15
I am having trouble with the Geotherm Valley's High Diving challenge. (With Rise of the Tomb Raider)

I have pressed LT whenever I jump off of the red wooden platforms but she wont dive. I have been able to get her to dive before but i am no longer able to. I also know it is not my controller because the LT button works when i aim my weapons.

Someone please help i have tried to reach customer support but they say they cant help me because they are unable to provide game hints or tricks....which i find stupid because i am 99% complete with the whole game and this is the only thing i need to do/accomplish to finish. PLEASE HEEEELLLLPP

25th Apr 2018, 14:52
Try stepping back on a platform before diving instead of trying to dive off the end of a platform. This worked for me on the PC version.