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25th Nov 2002, 20:35
Is there a good list of all of the commands and to which commandos they apply to. The manual as far as I am
concerned leaves quite a bit to be desired. I want to have
a sheet or sheets witha ll of the commands so as I am in
learning mode I can play with out looking and guessing at

Thanks for any help you can give me.

25th Nov 2002, 20:41
Find readme.rtf file which should be somewhere in C2 directory or the cd-rom. (I forget). I think it contains list of commands.
There is also a manual addendum which you should read:


25th Nov 2002, 20:51
I have seen the readme, but I am assuming that like in Commandos BEL certain commandos can perform certain
commands/tasks, that is where I am confused. Thanks
for your help so far.