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7th Jan 2018, 17:32
Im an old fart. Ive played several space sim type games but this is my first venture into video games.
In ROTB, I like to use mouse and x box 1 contoller. So far it has worked out. But, I am at the part in the game where you have knocked the second gate down, have to run as the pathway,as it falls; and then jump and face multiple guards. In this furball, I loose control of my mouse function. I mainly use the left mouse click to fire my weapon while clicking the left game control trigger to present weapon to be fired. Any help is appreciated,thanks.

8th Jan 2018, 11:02
If you're using an Xbox 1 controller, you really shouldn't need a mouse as well. It would just confuse issues. The controller has everything you need. A combination of the LT (aim) and the RT (fire) should do the trick. I suggest you just find a quiet area and experiment with what each of the buttons and triggers do. If you're having difficulties, you should be able to re-map the controls from the menu. Or, you could use your keyboard and mouse and ditch the controller for PC playing.