View Full Version : i have deleted my tga set by accident!!!!!!

Tomb Raider Fan
25th Nov 2002, 20:14
OH DEAR!!!!!!!!! it was in my documents and i deleted it to the recycle bin then deleted the recycle bin.....is there ANY way i can get it back!!!!???????

25th Nov 2002, 20:21
You could try a system restore, but I believe that is the only way.

25th Nov 2002, 21:37
if U tested the level try using a texture ripper.

Crazie J

Tomb Raider Fan
25th Nov 2002, 21:52
Yeah i no, but if i did that then only the textures in game would show up. Then when i load my project up again. The textures would be in the wrong places and it would take years for me to put them back properly again.

So is there any more ways?????????

25th Nov 2002, 22:18
Only if you have an undelete application like Norton or similar.