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25th Nov 2002, 19:48
I thought I saw something a long time ago related to this when I was searching dromed files but now I'm stumped.

Is there a way to remove the players walking motion? You know, the bobbing up and down when you walk?

Also is there a way to remove the "gemstone" and "health shields" you see?

26th Nov 2002, 00:30
I think the weave and bob are coded into the motions, which if it is true then the answer is no.

You can't remove the light meter and health meter, you can however exchange the health images with transparent ones. I'm pretty sure that the light meter is a model, so you can find the skins(plural, probably in the same directory) for the model and change it with a transparent one.

Replacing the images can not be done in mission, so they would be permanently invisible for your map or series of maps.

26th Nov 2002, 00:42
Thanks, i thought that for the player, motions could be removed so you could use him (it) as a free moving "camvator"

27th Nov 2002, 00:45
i wonder if you could accent the player movement(make him sway slow and farther, to give the feel of a limp) i know you can make garrett so that he cant move very fast, or you can make it so he moves very fast hehe

27th Nov 2002, 19:25
I thought that, for "camvator" effects, the player is put in an invisible box that moves.