View Full Version : LiS:BtS Ep3 - Choices from previous episodes deleted

20th Dec 2017, 17:59

Two of the main choices from Episode 2 are not registered as made, even though I clearly made them, since I'm playing Episode 3 now. I stopped playing when Frank was angry about Damon's money, even though I gave him the money in Episode 2.

13th Feb 2018, 18:34
I am experiencing the same issue in Ps4. I first noticed when Rachel had her bracelet (I'd asked for her to give it to me), but just thought it might be a minor inconsistency. Now I'm at the junkyard in Ep3 and noticed the same thing. I apparently have the money even though I gave it to Damon. The game says I didn't return Drew's money (as if I stayed in the room), I have no messages relating to the broken arm. And the two last choices in the episode appear blank, as if I hadn't selected anything.

It's probably related to the second save issue since I'm playing slot 2 while my girlfriend plays slot 1