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25th Nov 2002, 16:47

I wish to create a list of any objects, enemies, items that work in TR4 slots or with a little editting - which be released.

If you have any discoveries about slots please can you send them to :-


Text only please :)

I have already added some of my own.

1st Dec 2002, 18:05

40 views and not one reply :(

It's a bit short on slot edits - still a long list with every TR4 object.

All I was looking is something like :-

ROLLINGBALL - Boulder/s that run down slopes (hurts/kills lara) - Skidoo.tr2 (Tr2)- Multiple_Boulders (May need to add collision to boulders).

It's almost finished just been adding some Trap tips.

Currently in Excel format is this ok ?

2nd Dec 2002, 06:15
Well, maybe I can get this thing started :).

All wolves, huskies and dogs from TR1-TR3 work in the TR4 DOG slot. However, some sounds may have to be re-defined or edited.

I've gotten quite a few TR1 objects to work and I'll post more as I remember them.

2nd Dec 2002, 22:47

Thanks here's another few -

Yep already have the Dog one :)

Andrea2.TRC - Laser Sword Guy - Put in Setha slot - Athough he does not walk - he still fires bolts at lara and swings the sword around.

Andrea2.TRC - Laser Head - Looks good in Waith slot - Also damages Lara (This is a good point I have not tried it in Setha or Demi god slots! yet)

Most other TR spikes work - Sometimes only copy the meshes

Moving Blade - in TR2 one of the TR2's contains a rope with a bag and spikes on it. As far as I can see fully working in this slot :)

4th Dec 2002, 18:31
Sophia works good in the SETHA slot and the BADDY_LASER objects for the VCI levels works in the SAS slot but he attacks like a SAS, and Winston works in the DEMONGOD1 slot.