View Full Version : JC3 + Wired Xbone controller = Increase in idle ram usage

6th Dec 2017, 21:48
Today my bluetooth Xbox one controller ran out of batteries so I decided to just use a micro usb to play wired. This resulted in lag to the extent of being unplayable, and whenever I close it (if it doesn't freeze my PC first) there is a 30% increase in my idle ram usage.
It usually sits around 25% or 30%, but after running JC3 it jumps to 60% and stays there until I either unplug the controller or restart the system.

This problem seems to be unique to JC3 because I just tested GTAV and nothing happens out of the ordinary.

I would also like to avoid re-installing as with my speeds it takes ~44 hours with nobody on the network.

Task manager Images:
https://imgur.com/FEmbKAv (Before JC3)
https://imgur.com/rehdjUO (After JC3)

I would appreciate any feedback or similar experiences people have had.

Thanks to everyone